Warriors of Love is our vehicle of communication to the outside world.

My beloved wife, Elo and I are laid down lovers for the Lord. Our fairly recent marriage in Heaven by the Lord Jesus has made it very clear that He has put two people together in a Sovereign way to serve Him.

Through relationship with Him He has taught us obedience, transparency, Oneness, and He has and continues to be utterly intimate with us as Best Friend, Confidante and Support. His Father in Heaven is our Father – protective, loving and accessible. The Holy Spirit is our Counsellor and real-time intermediary with the Trinity – fun, out-of-the-box, and invigorating. We communicate with the three different personas and we find that They project themselves through us in our pursuit of a Christ-like life enabled by His AMAZING GRACE (2 Cor 12v9)

We believe our prime purpose is to seek Jesus’ face. He embodies the fullness of His Father and the Holy Spirit. He only did what He saw His Father do, and spoke only what He heard His Father say.

Our purpose is to only do and say what we hear and see Jesus do, and also via the Holy Spirit. It’s all about JESUS – our teaching, posts, etc. Nothing else takes precedence. We owe everything to Him and it is only through a constant reminder of our weakness without Him that we draw on His strength. (2 Cor 12v9)

We are Warriors because we have joined God’s army. We are Lovers because it is all about Love. (1 Cor 13v13)

As you read the posts, may Jesus make Himself known to you in a very intimate and powerful way as He displays the fullness of God’s unconditional love towards you. May He receive all the glory, as the anointing flows to you through His Words and teachings mentioned in these posts.

Abundant blessings and much love from us and our Heavenly Father

Andrew and Elo Meyrick.