Eternity vs. Chronos

In the beginning! Eternity existed before the beginning. Cronos Time started at the beginning.
Kronos or Cronos was the Titan God of Time. Cronos father of Zeus and son of Uranus imprisoned people in Tartarus and Hades.
Tartarus (god and location) was way below Hades and had living immortals in apparently. Enough of mythology.

So we are imprisoned in time but free and eternal in the spirit. We are spirit men. Heavenly sons of God. Lucifer was a son a King and nearly a high priest but not quite.
That’s a revvie for later. Christ was the Royal High Priest.

When the Bible uses Hell in English it is actually Hades or Sheol שׁאול place of the dead. strong 7585. Jesus has not judged the dead or the living yet. So actually the true hell will only come at the end of time in the lake of fire.
Guess who fell forever out of Eternity into Cronos? Full marks! Lucifer and his followers. This happened when Genesis 1 v1 occured. It was not just to earth but to all areas of time. Haha..
His life is Cronos bound and not eternal any longer. The five books Pentateuch of the Torah spoken (and encapsulated in the first part of the Talmud) and read in the Old Testament is in Hebrew. Not Greek or Latin or God forbid English.
Start thinking and visualising in Hebrew mindset not Greek. Stop being literal. It makes life so much easier.


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