Doubt against belief in God: Which do you choose?

Believing in what has been promised to us.

Do you have a wilderness mentality or a Promised Land mentality? Are you looking at the present troubles in your life or future as being insurmountable?
Are you moaning and complaining like the Israelites did when they sent spies to scout out the land Covenanted by God to them?
Only two came back with the right spirit: Joshua and Caleb. They looked at the land with giants in, as if they were blots on the landscape and needed to be dealt with. They remembered the promises of their God.
Only these two were rewarded for their faith and bravery as they knew that with God they could accomplish all things but not on their own.
So if the spirit of unbelief or complaint is in your domain or church or home or family, it is perhaps time to re-read the story of these warriors. Numbers 13 and 14.

Train your focus to be on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of Faith. After receiving the perspective of His greatness and authority, compare Him to your ‘Giants’.

What sort of report will you bring back on seeing what is promised for you? Milk and honey or too many obstacles?

Which spirit is permeating the Western church I wonder? Why does revival and outpouring breakout in the non western nations? Where there is faith vs. unbelief.
Perhaps we are too comfortable in Babylonian captivity. The wilderness is tough and the Promised Land a ‘Never Never’ land.

In Tongaat near Durban a Hindu stronghold, over 10000 people of Hindu and Muslim faith came to The Lord in a few months this year. Hundreds and hundreds of miracles occured.

I met some missionaries from Bangladesh last year who told me that the harvest of salvations from Hindus was phenomenal especially from those who had visitations from Jesus in their dreams! They came to the missionaries for an explanation and then made decisions to follow Christ! How is that for a reaping combine harvester?


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