The Messenger turns up!

Do you believe you can see angels or hear from God? Yes? Good. read on.

If not , don’t bother to read this…


from 29.7.13

At 1 AM this morning I was woken up in my bed. I started to spasm in my stomach and bounce around which is a sign of serious Heavenly comms and got a message from Papa.

It was an angel that had come with the message.I asked and it was Gabriel! though I was too busy jerking and spasming to see him clearly.He started with:

‘Thus sayeth The Lord’ (very KJV)

‘I am The Lord your God.’ Each time he said this( it felt like so many times) I buzzed like a big charge was going through me.

Then he said:

‘Sit by my feet and drink My Living Water’

This was all I remember. Gradually I subsided back into a peaceful sleep.There were some words I missed him saying and knew there was more.

In the morning I was reminded that he also said ‘and as David slew all the Giants so I will slay your giants for you.’


Some message

But just to make sure, Papa God gave me a dream in the early morning. I normally do not remember these. However my earthly father was in the dream which is very unusual as he died three years ago at the venerable age of 94. He played the role of a loving father and supportive one. Even his actions and presence seemed more like an angel was helping me.

I love the way my Dad in Heaven encourages and supports me.


His Living Water, the River of Life that He wants to flow through us to others is also for us to  be topped up constantly Image, so we don’t tire ourselves..


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