Dunamis explosion in Brittany: God is good all the time!

Heaven comes to earth in Brittany.
The day started with a wonderful conversation with a friend on Skype and then progresses. Encounters seemed on the cards but whom? My daily task is to bring Jesus into the room or the conversation wherever I am. Some days are much easier than others.
First it was a lady in the next door office with a very sore throat,scarf wrapped tightly round her neck. We prayed and chatted with her friend about Jesus.
On returning to my office I am sent back with a word for her about a very sick member of her family. Yes, her brother with polio arthritis.

In between testimonies and us both praying for him, the room is filling with the Presence.

A gentle man from the factory rolls up and she turns to him telling him that I had just prayed for her brother and low and behold the next encounter kicks off. Surprise surprise she is better and he has the same illness as her brother; polio arthritis in elbows knees wrists shoulders. Much pain.
This time I ask him if I can pray and I take his wrist and elbow then release them, leaving my hand gently a few inches above his wrist.
Any change? ‘Yes my wrist is getting hot and my fingers have heat coming off the ends! ‘ yes this sounds like Holy Spirit is at work. Haha. We progress and the pain has virtually gone. I place my hand above his head and Papa pours His undivided love into him. I feel a hug coming on and tell him. He had just savoured His Fathers heart and I started smiling like a Cheshire Cat with tears in my eyes.
‘Does this take a lot out of you?’ he asked me.
No I replied because believe it or not I have a fuel tanker of dunamis energy following me around and I just plug in when I need replenishing.
This seemed to satisfy all three in the room.
Gilbert is totally healed and now sleeps well every night. He brought his daughter for prayer later in the week.

Jesus we glorify you and thank you for healing him. The lady’s brother is much improved too.
Waiting for the clinic to open from now on a daily basis, with needs being met! Papa send them along!


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