Resonating on a Jet Train

A while back, I think I may have had the first Holy Ghost party on a Eurostar train ever! Voiture G will never be the same to be precise seats 73 and 5.

We release a permanent deposit of your presence Lord in Jesus’ name. Amen

A Godincidence occured where a friend from church called out my name as I walked by. Half an hour later, two very zapped people were speaking the Truth over each other and He turned up to join us. The stewards were mildly amused but very friendly as my friend struggled to keep her zapping under control,bobbing,weaving and shaking. She had to tell me to stop speaking,
haha to give her a break.

Who the Son sets free is free indeed and He makes no allowances for self consciousness or embarrassment. Looking forward to covering a whole train with His glory. …


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