I was lost but now am found – His Amazing Grace

By His stripes painting.
Painting commanded by God: The story of the Cross.
One day while walking towards an empty canvass, I was suddenly flung down into my sofa, and started sobbing.
I heard the Lord say to me:”I want you to paint this.”
He gave me the picture before my eyes. It depicts His back, scourged by the whips, and the wound of the spear, as well as the bloody strands of His hair, and the Crown of Thorns.
Without realising it I was painting also the shape of a heart, and also the vessel/shape of the wineskin He pours Himself into.
His message was:
By His stripes we’re healed.
By His Cross we’re saved.
And by His Resurrection we have eternal life.
He told me His Cross was a lifestyle of Him.
He gave me the verses to insert.



Very recently at a service one evening, a close friend of mine appeared with many of her friends in tow. As we said hello, she asked me to pray for a particular young man in his late twenties. He was Egyptian and in a dark top. I had not noticed the most sophisticated sling on his right side from shoulder covering his entire arm in black. I asked him what had happened. It was a bad sports accident, rotator cuff shredded and ligaments in a bad state and chips of bone already extracted by operation.

I asked him if He wanted Jesus to heal him. He said yes.

Good start.

I raised his jacket and inserted my left hand and placed it on his right shoulder to apply a Holy Spirit compress. The Lord gave me a few items to renounce off him and I declared healing of all broken and torn parts in Jesus’s name.

Very shortly, he started looking bemused. I asked him how he felt and he said strange. Haha! I said, could we try and see if he could test it, and asked him to take off his contraption.

We did this and he started to raise his arm and elbow laterally, to the vertical.

‘I should not be doing this!’ he muttered. He said this about three times, as he gently raised his arm.

I said. ‘Why? Is there a problem?’ ‘No,’ he said ,‘that’s just it.’ ‘Do you feel pain?’ ‘No,’ He said. ‘I believe you are healed,’ I said, in joy, and we did a high five to the Lord with his right arm! This big guy burst into sobs of tears and we hugged. I needed to go and join the team for the start of service and left. At the end of the service He came up for prayer ministry, first in line and was still crying. I gave him a big hug and tears rolled down my cheek, as I realised something far more special than this miracle had happened.

Miriam, my friend, told me after that very morning, he had declared that his faith in God was virtually gone and he had been asking for a revelation of the manifest presence of His God for fourteen years and not received it.

That very day, Heaven spilled all over him and he felt His Father’s love for the first time. I led him through a prayer of recommitment and He went back to join his friends. What a wonderful God we have. This blew me away, with His hunger to keep all His children and He is there till the last minute. He went to his consultant after and the doctor was unable to explain anything, except wonder at the repaired shoulder! From that moment of cure, he has not had to wear the sling again. He is now fully on fire as a warrior.


Sometimes the miracle is incidental or instrumental to change a mind set and attitude in someone. It’s a lesson that we have to cry out sometimes and show commitment and not have half-hearted faith. Salvation for someone is the greatest miracle, when they learn what a wonderful and loving God they have and what His Son did for us.


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