Divine encounters of the third kind on a slow train

Sitting in a resto in London still musing over an extraordinary encounter in the train on the way up. Yes I did ask for one this morning. Lady opposite was reading Jesus the Jewish Theologian. I had been in deep conversation on the phone about my encounters trying to keep the conversation quiet down and totally failing.

I opened the conversation by saying, “What an interesting book! Well He was a Rabbi wasn’t He? Had the choice of the select best students who would yoke themselves to Him and decides to go down and select His students from the seasoned fishermen on the Sea of Galilee. Pretty good snub as a starter to the establishment.”

The conversation flowed easily and I invited Margarit to go to the Glory Company in Horsham with Matthew Nagy to get a taste of Heaven . Just by Godincidence I had a copy of Warriors which I gave her. She read the testimony of our marriage in Heaven and was suitably blasted.

Such fun to lead people onto the New Grid that Papa is creating for His wannabe warriors… They have a home church she wants to invite me to talk at. Love it Papa….


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