The marriage made in Heaven (Testimony of Andrew and Elo)

Testimony: 8th may 2013 12:43pm
My beloved and I (Elo) were both joined in the Spirit as we were talking on the phone.
Suddenly I went into a vision and what I saw was so beautiful. I saw the ancient Hebrew letters written in the air – as if it was the anatomy or the atoms of existence.
I then described to him what I saw over a message in Facebook. Both he and I got blasted enough so that we fell off the surfaces we were sitting on – me on my bed in my room and him his chair in his office in the UK.

We were taken up into Heaven where we found ourselves in what appeared to be the Holy of Holies or like an anti-room to a bedroom, where we saw Jesus sitting on a comfortable throne on the right. We saw the Ark of the Covenant as well as the Mercy Seat on top and a Menorah and gold writing on the wall. An eagle was perched on the left on a golden stand.
The Lord Jesus arose from where He was sitting on the right. He was in white with a sash in purple and a belt of gold.

We were mesmerised by His sandals, and a very bright ring on His wedding ring finger. Blue purplish pulsing light jewel.
While writing up the testimony we were given Revelation 1 verse 13:
‘and in the midst of the seven lampstands One like the Son of Man, clothed with a garment down to the feet and girded about the chest with a golden band.’

The Lord came towards us. We were at one moment standing gawping and the next we were on our knees.
My darling and I both got our individual scrolls of a golden shade from the Lord. He was given a belt – black and blue on either half and the robe of a king – dark blue in colour.
An eagle came to sit on his right side and a dove on his left. The meaning of this being he’s an eagle in the Spirit and the dove – symbolic of the Holy Spirit will refine and perfect his human nature.

After my (Elo) crowning ceremony in which I received a golden sceptre, a crown and a brilliant white gown and a blood red robe, both he and I were blasted to the ground.
We were still flat on our faces when He approached us later. After remaining there for just a while, gazing at His feet and beauty, He helped us up and placed both of our hands in each other’s wrapping something round them and then His hands. Both being too taken aback by all of this to realise the sudden meaning of it all: we were being married!
He then asked us did we wish to stay a while longer to which I don’t quite remember what my reply was, but Andrew said ‘Yes’.

We were taken flying over to a Mosque here in South Africa and we both asked the Lord: “What do you want us to do?” He told us to light the mosque with His Presence and drive out any and all demons that were there. We were told to do so in that same temple’s uppermost chamber. After having done that, we saw the entire building burning with fire. His fire. Our task was complete.
Then we were taken flying further. Over fields of green with our Saviour and His squadron of angels being our protection. Being a carefree soul (Elo), I turned on my back and just spread out my arms. Andrew called out that He saw a massive wall ahead and turrets and a wide parapet. There was a cannon on the battelments. We landed there and Jesus appeared. We asked why were we there. It was the Citadel at Jerusalem.
He replied. ‘Look out beyond’. We looked out and saw a beautiful countryside. (The new Jerusalem?) He then said,
‘You are my Watchmen’

He showed us our home in Heaven and we entered it. It was a Log Cabin style.There was water with a lake nearby. Elo told me we needed sun glasses. It was so bright!

As we were both trying to get up from the floors in SA and UK, I said ‘Do you know what has just happened?’ ‘We have been married! Its sovereign’ Andrew said. ‘I have not even proposed to you yet.’ Andrew proposed and I accepted!

Andrew was spoken to a couple of days later at 2:22am and told by Jesus that the prophesy and vision He had been given some time back was complete that He would be presented with His Bride and not go searching any longer! The word came in a Lie Bust (Sozo style ministry) of Andrew by Brian Trueman and Brian saw the same vision in the spirit.

(Vision was Andrew on a charger as Warrior of Love with regiment of angels behind. A lone rider on a black horse came alongside him in armour and veil and long hair with visor. He could not see the face. This was His bride being presented.)

The Lord gave us
Genesis 2 verse 22
Then the rib which the LORD God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.

Aftermath a few weeks later
We asked about where and when to Papa. He had been talking to Elo about the Feast of the Tabernacles for a while. We both got blasted as word Sukkhot came through and it became clear that this was the intended period for the marriage (18th to 25th September).
We asked for the year and He said: ‘This year, 2013.’ We asked about the day..

Elo was given Esther 5 verse 1-3 which gave us the day to calculate from Hebrew.He gave her number 21 . (It was three days after the the 21st september which was the length of fast that Esther had already completed and when she went to the King. She requested that Haman be invited to dinner. He was planning the destruction of the Jews.) We believe we should fast for three days before the wedding on behalf of Israel. We asked the location. He said: ‘Israel’.
Then we got Galilee in the hills or down at the lake by Capernaum.
Elo was given Matthew 4 verse 18: (Andrew’s names are Peter and Andrew.)

And Jesus, walking by the Sea of Galilee, saw two brothers, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

Andrew same day praying with Brian who got Galilee very firmly too.

That’s all we recollect at present.This testimony has been tidied up and amended since first version.
We are still both wrecked each time we remember this!
Thank you Papa and Jesus and Holy Spirit!

Post script.
Andrew did go to a Tabernacles celebration but at Dudley not in Israel.

We encountered opposition in getting Elo’s visa to Cyprus for the civil wedding. The Lord showed us a picture of us on a boat to Cyprus and adverse winds were slowing the progress. He took command of the weather and blew us back on course putting a banner of Love round the ship. The next day the visa after three attempts was released to us early morning in Pretoria.

We had our civil ceremony on the 9th October in Nicosia Cyprus under perfect skies and heat and set off for Israel. The Municipality staff were delightful and it was a very emotional affair.

We arrived in Israel with a new date, 16th October arranged for the earthly celebration to be held as requested on a fishing boat(called Faith!) by Capernaum on the Lake of Galilee.

Having the Messianic Seven Blessings prayed over us
Having the Messianic Seven Blessings prayed over us


Vows on the Lake of Galilee
Vows on the Lake of Galilee

It was an amazing event with much angelic presence as well as the cloud of witnesses and the Lord turned up too. Very close friends came as well. We were able to plan a tour with guides and visited the Holy Land and had many encounters wherever we went……


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