Arrow Two: Communication: How does God speak to us?


John 14:26

New International Version (NIV)

26 But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.


Inner audible voice.

I love Bobby Conner the ‘gentle giant’ prophet who spends much of his time talking to God. One day God said to him ‘I talk to you the same way you talk to me Bobby!’

This is the inner audible voice people hear.1 Perhaps they fear they are talking to themselves. It’s not a booming strange voice that comes back at one. The answers and questions are always logical and gentle as well as being loving. As we are spirit made man, He talks to us through the spirit.


The Case of the woman who was haemorrhaging

Here is an example of inner audible ear working with God talking to me. I was also given an image.


In 2010 I was on a prayer ministry team at HTB for the Alpha International conference where we were praying with many pastors from all over the world.

One of the members of the team came up to me and asked me to stand with her and pray for her daughter in law who was dangerously haemorrhaging in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. She was risking early termination of a child. The Lord told me to reach out for the hem of His garment and I saw a vision of Him ahead of me and I reached out. I told the person that we needed to prophetically transmit this to her daughter in law in the ambulance.

Shortly afterwards, I was approached by the person with excitement and she told me what had happened. The daughter in law had seen the vision in the ambulance and had reached out. Her bleeding stopped instantly and she was healed. When she reached the hospital she was in for a quick check up and was released.

I had the honour and privilege of meeting her in 2012 where we reminisced over the amazing miracle of Love by Jesus. Tears well up in my eyes at the way He loves us all.


Spiritual resonance


This is a mysterious area that much has been written on especially by spiritualists, New Agers, Buddhists and Hindus.

Spiritual resonance is a resonating emotion understood by the mind body and spirit (Jer20:9) It is often experienced in the chest and solar plexus. I asked the Lord about this. Well the Plexus is a central place of collection of nerve endings and electricity.

Solar is the conversion of Sunlight (Sonlight) into electricity!  Yet again the Son, the Light of the World sends energy and transmits it through into us. I find these surges that I feel at times are confirmations or injections of something into me. The punch I feel is completely involuntary and can be quite violent as a punch.

I have had intense heat enter my head at the top as I lie down. There is no question God is communicating with me. What He is doing is not always so clear. When extra powers and gifts are given this appears to happen.

Some people when praying have a limb of theirs starting to shake. A left or right hand for instance.

I find myself when standing, rocking forward constantly.

Dunamis is the energy and resonance of the Holy Spirit that hovered over the earth and seas at the beginning of time.

Given that we have polar energy and electricity affecting us, it is not entirely surprising we react to these power surges. So shaking, falling down, laughing, tears, gasping, tight chests appear to have the same origin. The Uncreated one is touching us. In all these cases it is very difficult to get control as it seems to have been handed over to Him.

Just as magnets can draw in and push away other magnets that are not correctly poled, so can we.

This would begin to explain matters when someone is heavily loaded with the Presence of God on them; people around who are in a close orbit are affected. Some due to a more synchronised resonance are more affected than others. There is no doubt that at that moment if Love is coming off a heavily anointed person, the recipients receive it.

I particularly like to do what I call ‘Papa God hugs’ or ‘Holy Spirit hugs’. My vessel or body becomes a transmitting agent of His incredible Love to the other person. It does not happen if I do not abdicate myself entirely to His purpose.2 So if it is myself in the flesh, it isn’t the same thing.

If it is me in the Spirit, passing hope, laughter, love, appreciation or some other emotion, the person receives it.3

Certainly musicians like guitarists get resonance with chords on their guitars that vibrate in the air and sometimes cause them confusion as it is like two notes colliding.

Even in healing ministry, some people believe only by laying on of hands, can someone be healed. This is not correct. Peter the apostle, when he walked past people his shadow healed them.4

I have extended a hand from some distance and Jesus healed someone. I have held a hand relatively close and the person has felt the fire of the Holy Spirit. It’s all about whether we are a purified vessel for Jesus to work though or not at the time.5

The key to successful healing in co-laboring with Jesus, is complete faith that it is not us, but Christ in us and the Word. If we speak the Word in faith, people will get healed as Jesus is the Word.6

Once recently I had been spinning in dance and extended my arms, and two young men over three metres away fell over backwards. How does one explain that? I don’t know. All I can say is His energy and Dunamis came off me.

I saw this in action for the first time at Lakeland when Bobby Conner, having playfully ‘zapped’ to the floor all the three rows of seated elders on the stage, decided to turn his attention on the audience. He called out to a young man in a black tee-shirt and shorts at least ten metres from the stage. ‘Hey you, have some anointing!’  He then proceeded to hold his hand to his mouth and blow via the mike and direct his hand out as if to hurl something. The young man standing rows back proceeded to be bodily hurled backwards over three further rows collapsing with about ten other people laughing.

What was the Lord allowing him to do? I don’t know, but it was fun I and I definitely wanted an impartation of this, which Bobby gave me later.7

It’s fun and laughter in Heaven and the angels when they are around us, join in the fun.8


I feel in a way this is what happens with us. Heaven is colliding with Earth. We are just His promoter!


Many people have extraordinary experiences of massive vibrations in their body as if they are plugged in to thousands of volts of power. During this time they are downloaded information, revelations or just a sort of spiritual rewiring goes on. A mystery of God, which one day, He will unfold.

One thing is clear. All we have uncovered about communication on earth is that it has its home in Heaven.9

There is an extraordinary finding that has been emerging over recent years that positive communication works and negative does not.

Talking to plants, vegetables, animals and humans, the same result emerges.10 Positive loving talk builds and causes fruit, the negative destroys rapidly. Does this resonate with the Bible message and Jesus’ teachings?

God communicates in so many ways to us, half the time we are not aware of it;

Through music and sounds.

Using physical artifacts through repetition.

By the voice and words.

He is Spirit and Word and the Bible is one of his principal means of talking to us. To those well tuned into His bidding, He gives specific verses. Sometimes He leads one to a chapter, verse or book in the Bible to study.

God clearly understands our doubts about whether something has come from Him. This is why He often confirms three or four times in different environments so that even with the cynic, the margin of coincidence or error becomes not even plausible.

The example in the Introduction regarding the Quiver and arrows is perfect. In the Warriors of Love, the story about the broken eggs and the amazing links with five different people puts the coincidence beyond challenge. Here He is communicating at different levels to different people. The one common denominator was everyone was listening and obeying.


How do we communicate with Him?



This is just about talking to God in our way. It does not need to be formulaic. This can be speaking out, muttering, subvocalising or just in our spirit. It can be petitioning, declaring, praising, loving, castigating, thanking or just in hope. We have to remember, He knows what we are going to say before we even say it so it pays to be brief or He may doze off!11




This takes many forms.








This is a very special way of communicating with the Godhead as there is clearly a personal and corporate role carried out by the dancer. A week ago a group of us were being taught prophetic dance and we were shown many photos of people dancing. What was captured on the camera was extraordinary. There were orbs signifying angelic presence. There were shapes, colours and objects that were not from the person. Dependent on what clothing the person was wearing, from time to time, the person corporeally seemed to be utterly transparent. Then we were shown photos from space and other arenas. The similarities were not only uncanny but also staggering. God has placed these images everywhere. A photo of the human brain is replicated in a sponge at the bottom of the ocean on a reef. Constellations in the stars and some planet pictures mirror our flowers. He is communicating again to us the fact that nothing we have is original.

With dance there is a conversation going on between God and the dancer and back, which sends the message of worship praise and thanksgiving up to Heaven. It’s a love affair. When I dance without banners, He often shapes movements before my eyes to follow. They synchronise with the worship music being played and the tempo. The conversation is continued by Him in bringing in His Presence and anointing the place where I am.

Corporate dance, which we performed the other day, was immensely powerful as everyone flowed with the same movements. An anointing of such strength fell on the group, which came off the lead dancer dependent on what they carried as anointing. If they strived, nothing came off. If they flowed with the Spirit, we all felt it.


As the Lord one day told my beloved Elo, ‘You don’t hear too clearly when you are tired. That and well as your focus is undermined when you are tired.’ The same truths that hold true for us in the natural, many times play the same part of importance for us in our walk with Him.




Banners are flags that are used for worship. They normally range from a metre square to larger. The best material is silk of about 5 mm weight. Some banners are plain colours depicting a message.

White- Purity.

Purple- Royalty,

Red- Blood of the Lamb.

Pink- Redemption, Love.

Blue- sky, sea,calmness, river of life, revelation.

Silver- Redemption.

Gold- Glory.

Greeen- Healing, life.

Orange- Freedom, warfare, fire, holy, glory.

Yellow- redemption, renewal, hope.

Then there are the multicoloured banners that depict a  special message.

I have an eagle banner with Isaiah 11:2 written on it with the all the colours of the rainbow. It is a prophetic banner and has a very strong individual anointing. It represents the batallion banner that I lead as a golden eagle general in the spirit.

I have also a pair of fiery asymmetric flame coloured banners that release freedom and energy.

Both are gifts from the Lord of Lords to me. The former is like my sword and not normally allowed to be used by anyone else unless I ask permission from the Lord. The latter pair I lend from time to time.

The properties of the Eagle banner are extraordinary and are still unfolding. If I fly the banner over someone or place it over their head, they are immediately transported somewhere by the Lord. Sometimes it is just a flight with eagles or as an eagle. I have so many testimonies recorded; there is not enough room here to relate.

There are people who have been taken around the world in space, to Heaven, into the Universe way out. There are some who have flown over countries they have never visited. Some are taken on missions to pick up items. The Lord is always communicating with them one way or another. One person got the message he was to return to Africa for ministry. Another person was transported to Israel and Jerusalem to pick up a document and return to the UK, whilst cutting off a connection between the two countries that the enemy had created in the spirit. Some just fly up on the thermals and get amazing views of earth from way up.

These are all living testimonies of sane people!

God communicates in many different ways.

One person very recently lost the phobia of flying they had from birth as the Lord took her to extremities of gravitational pull and settled her back gently flying round the Grand Canyon. Amazing!

My first flight is recorded in Warriors of Love without my banner and that had an extraordinary story and message He wanted to give me.



I truly believe that the notes and sounds we use all came from Heaven in the first place. Louis Giglio has succeeded in recording and showing the sounds that come from space. Even the heartbeat noise from a far off constellation sounds like the heartbeat an unborn child hears in the womb.  Perhaps that’s why children love the sound of burbling four stroke Harley Davidsons!

Musicians who perform in worship bands all experience sensations of heavenly occurrences12. For some reason or other, the Lord has given me the gift to see some specific angels. If I look with my eyes at musicians playing guitars etc, I often see an angel playing behind or beside them.

One good friend was dozing on a sofa after some very anointed playing. I looked to the right of him and a tall angel stood with a musical instrument somewhat akin to a guitar with a spear head on the end.; possibly a warrior musician angel. The Lord told me to introduce him to my friend. Well this took place under much hilarity as he bobbed around next to the angel unable to see him but definitely feeling his presence. Now Rob had had massive blockages on composing music for a long time and I believe the Lord wanted him to meet Bernard his angel, for the purpose of inspiration and new songs and music. Well this started to happen the next day. Rob was so besieged with downloads of music he needed almost to call a halt. They came at some of the most inopportune moments and have continued since.

Another worship leader at a church in London had already been introduced to his angel but strangely one day I was watching him in worship and the angel had changed completely! This one was dressed in sixteenth century clothing, doublet velvet hat, just like a minstrel. I asked the Lord why. I got the answer, ancient music of the church , chant etc played by lutes lyres mandolins. Hmmm. Very strange. I approached Phil after worship and told him his angel had changed. I explained why I thought the Lord had done this; to get him to write and sing old canticles and ancient church music. Phil looked at me for about fifteen seconds and then said. ‘Wow, that is extraordinary. I was in Lincoln Cathedral a few weeks ago and was sitting in the nave when the most beautiful music came out from behind the altar where the monks and choir would have sat. It was ancient chant and music. I fell in love with it and wanted to compose and play some.’

So, this explains why the Lord had changed the angel in order to give him inspirational downloads. Wonderful!

I do not need to add much about how we connect with the Godhead when worship music is played or sung. The mystery is how some songs suit some people and others suit others. It’s a question of taste, atmosphere and state of mind when people hear notes.



Painting Prophetically.

This is one way the Lord communicates with us and us with Him very powerfully.

The prophetic rainbow heart picture in Warriors of Love given to me by the Lord via the original artist, has great significance to me personally. It commemorated a journey I made with Him and also a covenant He made with me. This is summed up by a friend who received a song for me that He sang to her. I had not noticed, it included a reference to the rainbow heart.

Here is the song:


Andrew, My shepherd son

Your rainbow heart like Mine

Beats with 4/4 time

Son of My womb

Son of My tomb

Son of My Dunamis Resurrecting Life

Every drop of your blood fused with Mine

Your heart strings tuned in My time

My Love you know

You burn with My freedom and the sounds of My Light

Sweet son of My heart

Sweet son-song of My soul

Your very breath blesses Me

Your words are My joy

Your song is My deepest pleasure

You satisfy Me, shepherd son

My Andrew

Subsequently my friend Dawn when she saw the picture later for the first time wrote this:

‘Oh Papa reminded me of something last night about your rainbow heart painting! Do you remember when I asked Him for a song He was singing over you? The second line was “your rainbow heart like Mine”, haha did you remember that? I had no idea you had such a painting or a dream about it 🙂 Wow God 🙂 Your rainbow heart is His covenant heart Andrew. There is none of the old left. Only Him. Only His rainbow heart is your rainbow heart. A faithful, covenant heart, that abides in His truth forever. You cannot fail Him. He will not let your foot slip :)’

When I read this I choke up with the message. What is superb is how He has used two different people to convey His adoring feelings for me through two different mediums. The confirmation is again unequivocal.13



Worship as an individual.


Sometimes as people stand or kneel and glorify and worship the Lord of Lords, He communicates to them in very special ways. It is unique to the person.

As I bow low I am often wracked with electric jolts in my abdomen. Some people shake or bob, some sway forwards and backwards. I talk about these manifestations in Warriors of Love.



Endnotes on Arrow 2:




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