Judge not or you will be judged, Jesus said..


I am sick and tired of people judging other peoples faults or shortcomings. The accusers would baulk at having themselves torn off a strip in the same way.
If they learned to see how Jesus sees His creations , without blemish and blame, the world would be a better place. To love the inside of the person not the outside.

I am weary of churches and Christians bashing destructively denominations and other churches.
Now with Protestants and revivalists are leaning and moving towards the Catholic Church the diatribes start again. I just bless these people for their decisions. Bless Pope Francis for His meekness and humility and openness and vulnerability. Good leadership is needed. If he can take out pomp and false identities he will have succeeded where many pastors of churches all over the world have failed
Israel is Jesus’s first love not Rome or Houston or London..
Christians often believe in apostolic succession in their little churches but then deny it can occur in Catholicism. Well the catholic following is vast..
The Anglican Church is very close to the Roman Catholic Church. Closer than you think. The 1970 Eucharist is modelled on the Mass and its relevant contents. In fact the bishops all got together to ensure it.
The Bible was sacredly put together thirteen hundred years before the KJV. We need to be circumspect about our critique.
I love the coming together of the faithful so does Papa.
If we get to bad behaviour, yes man in these denominations and non denominations has acted abominably from time to time.
Paedophiles, etc. In public schools in the UK. Poor priests and monks devoting their whole lives to God losing their way.
Well in Uganda today there are Protestant evangelical churches being used as cover to bring in white paedophiles from all over the world to rape 6-9 year old black boys and girls. Blacks are being enticed into these appalling acts too now. That’s the background to the anti gay legislation. So it’s mans corruption by the devil not God who is at fault.
Let’s concentrate on the real enemy….

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