Thomas and the converts


I love converts to Christianity. They have a fire and zeal in them that most Born Agains or even Christians baptised, do not have in them.
Why is that? They have true faith.
I met an ex Muslem jihadist who is now an Apostle and Prophet running a massive church in Nigeria. Christ crashed into his life.

Yesterday I met a couple who will introduce me to a wild man who was Buddhist and had a revelation of Christ at 16 years old. He runs a multibillion $ organisation and is crazy for God.

Unless we are really truly born again He said, we will not enter into Heaven.
A Kairos moment is needed with the realisation of our Maker and Saviour. Thank God He gee me one.

If you haven’t had one. Ask Him for one.

Its His faith in us not ours in Him.

If Jesus had to wait for His Church and the world to have the same level of faith in Him that He has in us, He would be waiting for tons of millenniums.

Look at Apostle Thomas Didymus- a man of little faith initially.
He was at the resurrection of Lazarus and even heard His Leader say He was the Resurrection and the Life and yet Thomas, missing Jesus’s first visit after Calvary, was unbelieving His leader had risen from the dead until he felt Jesus’s wounds.
He went on to go the furthest lands and is often known as the patron saint of India. Reputedly the only one to see the assumption of Mary into Heaven. He died forty years after the death of Christ.Now there is a convert..

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