Case of the broken eggs

The Case of the broken eggs.
The following story displays the amazing stage management God puts into everything and where He manifestly is the Author and Finisher. We are an important part of the plan, an actor on the stage who is supposed to play his part at the right time and come in on cue.

In 2011, on a Monday morning before going off to see a client, I went to the fridge to get out my customary egg, to boil fry etc. As I took one, another fell on the floor.
On Wednesday morning, two fell on the floor. I am pretty dexterous and catch items well. What was happening? Did I have coordination issues arising?
On Saturday, I took out two eggs and four fell out of the tray in the fridge smashing to the floor! The mess on the floor was awful.
I closed my eyes and said ‘Lord what is happening? Are you trying to tell me something?’
Immediately I saw the letters ABORTION appear in front of me in capitals. I opened my eyes and looked down and choked as I saw the broken eggs! Within seconds I was sobbing and I cried out. ‘What do you want me to do?’
‘I want you to intercede. I am sad and angry’ He said. ‘I want it to stop!’
Now perchance, (chance does not exist in God’s plans) I was off to the second day of Corey Russell’s (IHop) conference in London and on arriving, although we had not met, I approached him on the way to the front, introduced myself and related the story.

‘Yes Andrew,’Corey said, ‘its definitely from the Lord and very timely. The lobbies pro and against abortion in the USA this week are battling it out in the House of Representatives. It’s legislation which will allow the abortion pill to be taken without any reference to doctor or advice at home by women.’ 50 million abortions have been recorded over the last 30 years in the USA. Wow.

Sunday came and a friend of mine rang to arrange to go to an afternoon service at a church in London. The time worked well as I was going on to my church later.
Towards midday she rang again to say she was unable to make that time but was I able to go to another church at a later time! This meant a conflict with my own plan to go to my church. I asked the Lord and He said, go to the different 6pm one.
So off I went to a church I don’t normally attend. Many hundreds of people there, all between 18-40. They were lively, intelligent and go-ahead types.
In the end my friend does not make it to the service but another friend joined me and we settled down to the start of the service.
Just as worship began, the worship leader got on stage and says that two people need to give their messages from God.
A good friend of mine surprisingly got up and in front of everyone stated the Lord wanted all who were in a state of pain or serious guilt to come forward for prayer later. He came down from the altar and returned to join his wife. The Leader was waiting for the second person to come forward with a word and he scanned the audience.
I got a large tap on the back of my head and heard
‘What are you waiting for?’ Oh Lord, its me!
I gingerly approached the stage and said to the young man, ‘It’s a story about broken eggs.’ I couldn’t think of anything more intelligent to say.
I slowly related the story of the broken eggs and there was much laughter. I got to the punch line and physically faltered and sobbed. I spoke out God’s word, communicated His unhappiness and explained what we must do. Stop abortion, pray and intercede.
Audible gasps in the crowd occured and I went back to my place. At the end of the service I approached the Vicar leading the service and introduced myself. He thanked me for the word and said that it was a major issue in the church today and they were struggling with the numbers of young who have had abortions. I asked whether it was one in ten, one in fifteen? He said more like one in five to one in seven!
Now I knew why I had been called there!
God is good and His plans will always succeed. No church is exempt from failing to speak out. This particular church is a wonderful one.
Sometimes practicality, embarrassment, current earthly religious strategies persuade leaders to hold back when the Lord wants them to stand firm and go forward.

The Lord told Bobby Conner recently he was fed up with churches tiptoeing around the sensitive areas of righteousness. He wants Christians to put their heels down first, then their toes, and wherever they go take back the ground the enemy has taken.

This was the most beautifully stage-managed event by the Lord of Lords that I have ever participated in; the stage, the actors, and the cues. Even the location and the timing were perfect. No one but God could have stage managed and master produced this.
One thing you will notice is the actors learned their parts, came in on cue and were utterly obedient to instructions and timing.
What must not be forgotten is that the Lord does not condemn people. He is angry with the permissive society the lack of moral education. He loves His daughters. They are amazing to Him. He hurts for them irrespective of whether they had their terminations before they became Christians or became born again.
There is no condemnation.
He is angry at exploitation. He is furious about manipulation and coercion. He is sad that so many lovely people find themselves in this state and are ashamed because the enemy has made them feel like outcasts. He wants reconciliation and love. Many churches do post abortion counseling, if people are not scared to come forward.
What He is looking for is preventative measures. Better education. Morally driven legislation by Government, to ensure better behaviours and standards.


One thought on “Case of the broken eggs

  1. Andrew, this is so lovely! Abba does all things well. What a beautiful way to focus us all to His overcoming Love!

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