Blister pack: Get blasted. Tear off strip by strip and enjoy!

More revvies on Oneness and Communion with the Lord


While my beloved and I were taking communion this morning and I was immersing the bread into the Wolfsberry juice (yum yum) I got zapped by the Holy Spirit majorly. This is and should be a very Holy moment for all.

The Lord spoke to me.
My Blood has to return into the Body……

He said The bread is His body which is His Church.
The wine which is His Blood is His DNA, and life in us.
Our bodies do not function without blood.
His Blood has to fill the body of the Church and us for it to be alive in Him.

Acts 2:42

New King James Version (NKJV)

42 And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.


As Jesus is Water and Blood, we must immerse ourselves in the River of Life and His Blood.


1 John 5:6
New King James Version (NKJV)
The Certainty of God’s Witness

6 This is He who came by water and blood—Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit who bears witness, because the Spirit is truth.


There is only life in the Blood. Without blood flow, there is no life. Without river flow, the earth or ground becomes arid and dies.

The Body of the Church won’t function without us being immersed in His Blood. Our bodies won’t function.

The Church will not function without regular communion with Him. The Body and the Blood mixed, and immersed together bring Oneness.

So obvious as to be mind boggling..

Us in Oneness individually and corporately create the living church today.




Fire fall down!

Signs and wonders
I asked for fire from The Lord this morning and chose one tune on my iPhone, and never before in a shuffle it continued to pick out songs with fire in their title.
Have a very very Spirit filled day. May the Ruach be with you.
In the prayer garden this morning taking communion the hover fly with the gold band ring turned up to greet us again and then a dove flew close over the top of us. Too many GODincidences to cope with.

Last night was a Holy Spirit war zone at Yapton. Many casualties.
The place was strewn with bodies in various stages of feeling the Glory.
We look forward to the service or festivities today.
I was asked last night ‘is this your church?’ I replied ‘no it’s my play ground with The Lord! ‘



A lesson in humility and arrogance.

Sometimes healing does not come because we have not been forgiven. Sometimes we need to forgive.
Sometimes we need to forgive ourselves.
When we put ourselves above God we are idolatrous.
He told us once:-
‘If you have unforgiveness of someone in your heart you are putting that person between you and Me.
They are more important. Their face turns up in front of you before Mine’

I was praying for an American pastor once with a large church in the Midwest, who had a terrible back pain.
The Lord asked me to ask him if he had any worries.
The Pastor said ‘ I had a church of 5000, people are leaving my church and the numbers are going down rapidly and I am sick with worry.

The inner audible voice of God said to me ‘ So what!!’
With this knowledge I carefully phrased the next question.

‘Do you think this is a problem to The Lord?’

He looked at me and his jaw dropped and tears filled his eyes.

‘Oh My Lord.I think I need to repent’, he stuttered.
‘I think you do’, I said. ‘Your church is God’s church not yours and if he wants to take it to fifty He will.’
After repenting and receiving forgiveness, His back was instantly healed..
He was bending back and forward like a limbo dancer… Happy and humbled…



Do you have an identity crisis?

When we find out our identity of being a son of God and what that means… Hmm…very very exciting. Do we have any idea of the potential?
I am a walking temple or Ark of His Covenant…!!!!

1Co 3:16
16 Do you not know that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? (NKJV)



When Jesus Redeemed you for His Father, it is because redemption implies prior ownership.
You were His son and daughter at the start to Him and He wanted you back.
Wow, so the orphanship was always a lie that the devil perpetrated?! A shadow as always of the Truth. Just because the enemy is and always will be an orphan, does not make you an orphan. But the church is also orphan too as it has believed the lie.
So when we turn back to Him it’s not surprising He says ‘You are my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.’



I have one addiction:-
Father God, His Son and the Holy Spirit. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t get enough of them. Thank you Jesus for revealing your Father to me. Thank you Holy Spirit for the interactive lifestyle we have together. Shabba dabba doo!



How to remove age?
The elixir of youth:- stay in the Holy Spirit in Heavenly places.
How to get old:- stay in the flesh

Easy choice. Cheap on cosmetics and rejuvenation creams and best of all, it’s FREE.



The steps to glory
It’s all about Oneness and unity

Identity in Christ as a son
Unity in the body of Christ
Unity In community
Unity In marriage
Transformation of towns and cities happens
Peace comes
Restful soul remains
Freedom stays
Glory arrives

The steps to Babylon
It’s all about independence and self
Identity in self and icons
Disunity in the body
Disunity in community
Two ness in marriage
Disintegration happens
Total lack of peace
Total restlessness of soul
Captivity to addiction money and state control
Hell on earth

Give me the glory route Lord

I am in the earth but not of it.
As someone wise said.
I am an Heavanian.


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