Experiencing Moravian Falls

The story of the Moravians is fascinating. The Moravian Church originated from the Hussite Movement in the late 14th Century in Bohemia, now known as the Czech Republic. By the early 18th Century they had sought patronage from Count Zinzendorf in Saxony. The Moravians established a new village called Herrnhut. In 1727 the community had a visitation of the Holy Spirit akin to Pentecost. They committed to continuous prayer uninterrupted, 24 hours a day, for a hundred years. They founded a colony in North Carolina where they purchased nearly a hundred thousand acres of land. This land was known as Wachovia. The Presence of The Lord today is very much apparent in different levels of glory, rising as one goes up to mountain tops. It is renowned for angelic visitations. The Lord honours these prayer warriors and missionaries who have travelled all over the world on His behalf.

Moravian falls day one
Awake to the sound of the fan high up on the ceiling. A peace beyond description. They say that the impact of Presence starts quite a way out from here and throttles up slowly. I mean to sense the different layers of glory. Off to the falls which are near by to enjoy the presence of angels and sit by the river. I have my rod and dry and wet flies with me and plan to cast a fly or two for bass and trout. At HoneyLake I caught my first bream and bass. The latter was a good size. Yesterday at 6.30 am I lost a very big one. So similar to fishing for men into the Kingdom. Someone, someday will land that soul. We just have to keep on trying. Changing the attractor fly and presenting the best case for coming in to land. Weather atmosphere temperature absence of manna all play a part. Some fish are over fed and self satisfied like Man. They need to be hungry. Shabba

Moravian Falls day 2
After an amazing meet up with our friends the evening before and a beautiful worship evening, dawn comes with beautiful weather. Hurricane Arthur has dissipated completely ! Haha.
Celebrating Independence Day in style with barbecued pork. We drive off to visit Pappa Bob’s grave and also the Gathering Church. Bobby Conner has a conference there in August. Very tempting. Everyone lives up here.
We pop by Zinzendorf lane where the angels gather at the cul de sac. Lying on our backs on the Tarmac as staying upright is difficult.
When one has a small group of people praying unceasingly for a hundred years God honours the ground where they have trodden. So it is with the Moravian Falls area. I have tasted it in London at their chapel and no doubt will visit Herrnhut where they hailed from and find the same. The Count who was their patron and friend should be lifted high and blessed for his humble support. He sacrificed all respect and social standing to be with the Moravians.

Moravian Falls NC. Day three.
Did not think it could get better here but then He is Jehovah sneaky.
Papa did some heart surgery on a few this morning so beautifully and brought freedom and revelation and forgiveness.
We all repaired to Prayer mountain where Papa had prepared more surprises. Two beautiful souls who work with Morningstar and have their own ministries were there and I was almost pushed over by The Lord to meet the man.
He held a shepherd’s rod in his hand and turns out to be the creator of Papa Bob’s and Gary Beaton’s staffs!!
He then proceeds to prophesy over me and my future which triangulated with words from Lester Sumrall and Charles Robinson.
Gold dust on the ground silver dust too.
Orb hunting tonight as well as a round of Yod Hei Vav Hei. A new angel turns up at dinner. In fact the most extraordinary revelation today was when we were travelling on sparsely covered gps, the name of a place called Boomer turned up.
So our new friend angel Boomer had a place nearby. Shabba !
Lord I am really very happy here.

Day four. Moravian Falls. Supernatural events continue to occur.

One bewildering yet revelatory conclusion I have arrived at these past few days is this:-
When one resides in a Heavenly atmosphere it is not only us humans affected by this into a slightly drunken spirit state, but also the insects and creatures.
I have never been so close to hornets and wasps without any concern. They seem to be heavily imbued or saturated with the Presence as well, totally unconcerned about us! Extraordinary. Hilarious. I keep on bursting into giggles at any given moment.

Day 5 Moravian Falls
Another day in Paradise.
Very excited to see my bruv Dominic Muir is going to the Holy Land. His sandals of peace and power will stir up the opposition there as He traces His Masters footsteps.
The house seems empty as all but my beloved and I remain. The music, banter, worship and prayer hangs in the air as a reminder of a fabulous weekend with close friends.
We leave tomorrow and are savouring every moment of the Glory before we descend into lesser touched places.
We found Angel Rock or more correctly it found us, nestled away above the Penny Transformation centre. Caught a sneak view of Papa Bobby C’s house.
As we approached the rock we passed between two trees that seemed like a Dalet or door. The atmosphere changed suddenly. After sitting there on the rock for what seemed like an age, The Lord told us to return to the two trees and stand between them.
Then the angel appeared standing on the rock. Tall and in classic angelic form with spread wings. We gawped and greeted him/her. His name was grace which is extraordinary as I have a grace angel that tops me up wherever I go. I have never seen it but often sensed it.
My hand felt drawn forward and I received a liquid in the right palm which looked like molten gold. My hand went to my mouth and swallowed the content. He said it was liquid love that flowed like a river through my belly. All who drink it will be satisfied. So I think I am supposed to ladle it out!
I felt him place his hands lightly on our head.
Then we stood there for a while transfixed.
We said goodbye but neither of us could move our feet!
I could not turn round.
Finally by pushing on Elo’s shoulder I managed to uplift one leg.
The return to the car was like we had diving boots on similar to when we first arrived in the Falls.

We told Carolyn about the encounter and she said the strange thing was every time The Lord positioned people in different places before the encounter.
He has asked us to dwell on the Glory of The Lord today. This is not difficult.

Immediately we were carried to
Isa 60:1
The Glory of Zion 1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you. (New International Version – NIV 1984)

This afternoon Gary Oates popped by to say ‘Hi’. Looking cheerful fit and well, he will be in Collingwood London at Oasis Church July 11-13, and on Isle of Wight july 18-20 at Newport Congregational church. For those who have never met him or experienced his teaching, it’s a must to go. Intimacy of the bride is his current topic.
Soaking again in the glory. Have a nice day!


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