The Lord’s agenda for the time ahead: Prophetic songs for the future



In order for us to understand how to co-operate with the next ‘big thing’ God is about to do, we desperately need the Issachar anointing. This anointing enables us to ‘discern the times’ as the sons of Issachar did, and thus enables us to co-operate with the vision God has for this season which concerns His people.

Sometimes this anointing is released through the form of musical expression such as songs, and lyrics, or musical compositions.

In this podcast Andrew has sought the Lord concerning His plans for the ‘days ahead’ with Rosh Hashannah – the Jewish New Year fast approaching.

In alignment with Yom Kippur – Jesus Christ’s day of Atonement, Andrew is asking to have his heart searched and to be prepared in all ways to go to a new level. He is accepting he has to lay down everything including any foundations he worked from before. In the song he is submitting himself to whatever the Lord’s purposes will be. This song will serve as an example of the ‘preparation’ that needs to be done by the Bride in order to be able to be ready for what her Bridegroom will soon release.

To listen to this podcast click the link below, and enjoy:

The Lord’s agenda for the time ahead


P.S. If after trying to listen to the podcast, and it seems not to respond right-click on the link and open it up in a new tab/page.


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