God’s plan : the End game

The maturity of the church is coming

Ephesians 4:13
[That it might develop] until we all attain oneness in the faith and in the comprehension of the [full and accurate] knowledge of the Son of God, that [we might arrive] at really mature manhood (the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ’s own perfection), the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ and the completeness found in Him.

God’s plan since Eden has been to bring us back into perfect relationship with Him. When we have this relationship right we the can have the right relationship with our fellow man.
Man’s plan has been to override this by establishing relationship between man and man. God has either been excluded or used as a medium to control other men.
God and His plan will win. The Priestly Order of Melchizedek is being restored and these mighty followers of God will walk in the power required to bring God’s blueprint to earth with no distortion or manipulation.
Jesus was in the line of the Order of Melchizedek. He was not in the line of the Priests of Levi. He was a King and Priest.
The four faces of Melchizedek will manifest blended into the four faces of Christ.
Lion King
Ox Priest
Eagle Prophet
Man Apostle
The priestly order of Levi will die. Many will see the light and move into Holy Spirit power and authority. The rest will be blessed, but just not achieve the fulfilment of their destinies on their scrolls.

“The people of this Order will walk in great authority, power, and purity, leading God’s people to higher spiritual levels of maturity and fruitfulness.”
(Quote from one of Nita Johnson’s books)

Holiness is returning.
The explosion in evangelism needed to reveal Mankind to Yeshua – Jesus will only be accomplished through these people rising up not without hardship and suffering.

My beloved had an open vision last night of Jesus sending special forces from Heaven being deployed out of helicopters everywhere to help the start of the End Time harvest.
The Lord had just said ‘they are the SWAT team of salvation’
From when Time began we were planned to be in God’s likeness and image and cocooned in His Glory.
This is what is coming back now. The Garment of Righteousness and no longer the garment of shame that Adam and Eve acquired following the devil and not God.

The sons of God are rising

Romans 8:19-23
For [even the whole] creation (all nature) waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God’s sons to be made known [waits for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship].
For the creation (nature) was subjected tofrailty (to futility, condemned to frustration), not because of some intentional fault on its part, but by the will of Him Who so subjected it—[yet] with the hope
That nature (creation) itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and corruption [and gain an entrance] into the glorious freedom of God’s children.
We know that the whole creation [of irrational creatures] has been moaning together in the pains of labor until now.
And not only the creation, but we ourselves too, who have and enjoy the firstfruits of the [Holy] Spirit [a foretaste of the blissful things to come] groan inwardly as we wait for the redemption of our bodies [from sensuality and the grave, which will reveal] our adoption (our manifestation as God’s sons).



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