Encounter in the bistro of the Heavenly kind: Receiving an impartation He wants dealt with.

Encounter in the bistro of the Heavenly kind:Receiving an impartation He wants dealt with.

Today at lunch after hunting out gites, we both felt burdened by someone in the room. Just a weightiness of someone suffering. Sure enough we looked at three people seated – mother, daughter and son. There was a sadness in the faces of the two women. We both felt overwhelming compassion and love from the Lord for them. I got my marching orders to go over and give them a message of encouragement. Having only done this a few times in French I am more solicitous than in English about giving a word. As we got up to exit I walked over and introduced us as ministers of the Gospel informing the mother I had a message for her and her children. This is a moment that the Lord tends to whack me and have me tear up with emotion as I feel His love coming through me. Smiles and thanks and we are on our way.
The impartation of heaviness that had hit us was suddenly released, and my beloved’s back that had ached with the suffering from them disappeared.



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