The Supernatural Blood Transfusion: Reversing the ageing process by ingesting the Lord Jesus’ Blood

Many of us – women especially, have always wondered what physical benefits the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has.1 Now, due to teaching that has not been given in context, and goodhearted believers ‘lending their ears’ to almost every apparent ‘minister’ out there, a lot of tares have been sown into our doctrine causing us to believe that it is erroneous to ask such questions. It’s the job of every follower of Jesus to ‘test the spirits’ as to see whether they are from God.2 No matter how old the doctrine. No matter who said what. We are commanded by the Lord to test the spirits, and guard against the doctrine of devils. A subtle form of idolatry takes place when teachers replace the Word and Spirit of the Most High God. None are above reproach – not even the greatest and most admired teachers of this time. The Spirit and the Word always go together in this case. Be not followers of men first, but of Christ!3

We were asked of the Lord to look at Psalm 103, and read through it until we find a verse in which He had given us enough ‘substance’ to write an article about.

Psalm 103:5 King James Version (KJV)

Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

“Look up the meaning of the word ‘satisfy’ in Hebrew” we heard Him say.

שָׂבֵעַ    שָׂבַע

‘saba‛    ‘sabea‛

saw-bah’, saw-bay’-ah

A primitive root; to sate, that is, fill to satisfaction (literally or figuratively)

Now, if we were to read the verse with the proper English whilst still maintaining the originality of the Hebrew language included, it would read like this:

“Who fills your mouth with good things; so that your youth is renewed like the eagles”.

As we can all see – there’s a link between ‘youth rejuvenation’ and the Lord ‘filling our mouth with good things.’

We felt impressed upon our spirits to ask Him what ‘these good things were which causes our youth to be renewed by eagles’. His answer AMAZED us to put it lightly. “It’s My Blood and the Body” He replied. WOW. “Science will confirm this fact. After all I am the One Who created the concept. Research the benefits of blood transfusion.” He winked at us.

Hurriedly, we searched the Web and found the following article – a must read for everyone.

As we read through the article the Lord reminded us that He was the vessel through which all things were created. Naturally, everything points to Him. Finding Him – in all things is gaining wisdom and understanding.4

We as Christians need to embrace the scientific aspect of the Bible as well, but use discernment in order to recognize truth from deception. Use the ’chuck it/park it’ principle with the Word and Spirit as your foundation.

Here is a summary in point form about partaking of the benefits of Holy Communion through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour  [Suitable for both men and women]:

  1. Supernatural age reversal – the more you drink the Blood, the younger you’ll become.
  2. For the disappearing of spots and wrinkles5
  3. The ability for women to conceive and become pregnant at ANY age – with or without any age reversal. Remember Abraham partook of the bread and wine? He would surely have offered the same to Sarah as well.6 [Jesus said: “If you do not partake of My Blood and Body you have no life IN you”] [Question: Do babies reside INSIDE of the woman?]. My godly advice is honour God, and get married first before even considering doing this. Love God and honour His commandments.
  4. Partaking of it releases the elixir of life and allows you to become more like God.
  5. It emits a portion of divine energy – helps to get you alert without your daily ‘coffee fix’
  6. Gives you a blessed marriage7
  7. Displaying and having FULNESS OF GOD manifest in your life8
  8. Increases the virility of man. According to Jewish customs without it the marriage would be childless.

*Remember excluding the cause of men becoming more manly, using your virility is meant ONLY FOR MARRIAGE. Keep the marriage bed holy are His instructions. Grace does not mean compromise.9 Abstinence has its benefits. Of that you can be sure. 😉

  1. For signs and wonders, strength, and fertility10
  2. Healing11
  3. When all else fails, the Blood never will. Not in any case or circumstance!12
  4. Causes you to bear much fruit – in your all aspects of your life13
  5. You receive the ‘Divine soul of the Lord’ and achieving soul maturity14
  6. You become more wise
  7. It helps you to abide in Him and bear all the fruits of the Spirit15
  8. A man’s potency to increases16
  9. You increasingly gain the mind of Christ

Let this realization of HOW GOOD GOD IS empower you to repentance and living a life full for His glory. You are NO LONGER UNDERNEATH ANY CURSE! ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN!!17



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*Key note: Most of the Scriptures used in this Bible were taken from the King James Version Edition.


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