An ordinary God-day in the Kingdom

Having had an amazing day yesterday celebrating my Mother’s arrival in Heaven. Many old friends and new ones. Beautiful flowers service. My daughter Jessica May Meyrick and her stunningly anointed poem to her grandmother.
My address that blew a few religious gaskets. Our pastors Hugo and Hanneke came too giving great support.

Slept for twelve hours and felt a command to get to Yapton Free church this morning.
Well as the Spirit leads, He knows.
Freedom was the order of the day.
What a contrast to yesterday.
As we came into the Village Hall I felt a strong negative presence.

One person a visitor stood out.
Another couple were earmarked by the Lord for prayer and ministry later. We later ministered to them powerfully as they have an making future and anointing in them. Bless you Paul and Ann.

Well as usual God, if you let Him takes over.
I had has the word STOIC bugging me for a couple of days
a person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining.
a member of the ancient philosophical school of Stoicism.

Good old internalisation. Enemy loves it.
‘A demonic spirit’ said the Lord

One of our elders was giving. Very visible images of chains round ankles. He had brought some from His farm. Captive to freedom.

I released the word of spirit of stoicism

Two ladies came up and were delivered then a young man was taken next door for some full scale deliverance.

I love the way the demons duck and dive.
The strength in these critters was strong but might and counsel prevailed.
I asked him to look into my eyes. A good way of getting focus and asked what he saw; Goodness
Good start
Every knee will bow every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
He didn’t like this

One has to remember one is dealing always with a very scared human wondering what is going on inside of them. Then one is dealing with the spirit.

The human needs love encouragement and peace.
The spirit just needs exiting.
The demon said to me I was not strong enough to take him out. I laughed and I told it it was wrong as I had the power of God in me and it had to submit.
The young man looked from face to face desperately seeking assurance he would survive. After a good while peace came and many of the critters has left.

Physical strength is needed but God provides us with a supernatural physical strength which is amazing. In the flesh I would have been overpowered with its strength. There were two others trying to hold him down. I was busy with his arms.

The man was six three and powerful.
At the end God won as He always does.

The young mans face was so much more peaceful. God has more work to do but he knew he was a Son and in the Kingdom of God and saved.
Thank you look for delivering this beautiful man and bringing him shalom. Protect Him Lord.



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