God is good all the time

Last weekend when we returned to the UK to start clearing out the house from five in the morning till twelve we travelled. On arrival we pondered where on earth we could store things off site. All storage locations would not answer.
By Sunday the place was filling up with boxes.
Sunday morning with only ’til four pm before we were on a return flight to Paris, the Lord spoke:
“Rent a container!”
Yes Lord great idea. It had been pondered over with a friend, but there was no room.

Just go with the flow and be obedient. He knows best.
I remembered that close by there was a yard that I thought might have containers.
Good old Google highlighted Allen’s Yard three quarters of a mile away. Sunday, no chance.
I called and left a message expecting that we would have to be arranging all from France and then lose two weeks.
The phone rang back in seconds and the owner by chance had picked up the message. Within a half hour he was at the yard, and the last container totally secured, available, dry, and in perfect condition, with electrical input was in my hands signed over and sealed.
He did not work Sundays.

The number of the container was 33 which to those of you who know Hebrew numerology means Divine faithfulness, and also the age of Jesus when He faithfully died for us obedient to His Father.

Just by chance as a God bonus since we got on so well he had an office available, he said, at a ridiculously reasonable rate on a monthly basis where I could run my company from if I needed, next to his as someone by chance was moving out at short notice.This tenant had been there for years.
Moral of the story:
Listen closely to the still small voice. If it feels peaceful and led by the Holy Spirit, go for it.
Remember Balaam who did not listen and the Lord had to get his donkey to talk to Him in the end.
We may not know what God has planned, but He does and He knows best.

As Os Hillman by chance, teaches in his Daily Devotional today,

“We may be perfectionists visionaries and task oriented in our lives, ever striving to be successful.
God knows the obstacles ahead not us.
He will try and block them to protect us
His timing to complete may not align with ours
He may have other players entering into our life not in place yet
He may be using the process of block to teach us patience and resting in Him and relying on the Holy Spirit timing.
what ever His motives are; Obey..”


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