Assignment in the air

The Lord loves a captive audience.
We were ushered onto our Flybe flight and recognised our stewardess from previous runs to Paris.
C sat opposite at the front of the craft and I think had seen our supernatural activities before regarding take offs and landings.
She asked us where and how we met. She got the Heavenly version and the three wedding ceremonies. Her eyes widened in amazement. I asked if she was Christian and she said yes. Well we are apostles and followers of His. Kingdom ambassadors of the King of Kings.
As the plane landed I felt Him telling me things about her and asked my beloved if she had words too.
So whilst the the bags were being withdrawn from the overhead lockers we released His love and messages over her at the forward entrance to the plane.
Open doors and opportunities
A new relationship which would blossom under His protection.
She was adored by Her Heavenly Father.
We blessed her

Well, she confirmed some new doors had opened surprisingly and she had just literally started a new relationship which felt very special.
God is true to His word and we need to know nothing. She thanked us whilst trying to concentrate on the impatient passengers we had held up.
As we boarded the bus she waved to us and gave a thumbs up sign to us from the gangway as we drove off.
Another person encountering the closeness of the Father.


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