Blasted in the Brasserie

In Brasserie Paul opposite the Cathedral of Jean D’Arc in Rouen we had an encounter with the young lady.
She was medium height in a white robe. She had a squared off fringe A belt round her waist. Her face seemed very ordinary but bright.
Standing at my left shoulder Elo saw her first
“I have been sent to help you
As long as you need me I’ll be there.
You’re going to need me to train up God’s army
Your wife is very brave
I like to be around people with whom He can identify with.
I am here to give you a greater understanding that love is a weapon of war
And gentleness is as powerful as the sword”

We were dealing with this while the owner served me a Virgin Mary, very appropriate

Then if we didn’t have enough to cope with, Abraham turned up in full regalia and handed over first a scarf then the Lord arrived giving a staff to him which in turn Abraham gave to me. It was like a shepherds crook in style.
The Maitre D’ looked at me waiting for me to order as I was in tears and totally blasted. My beloved on the other side of the table was not in any better state.
We had just come out of this amazing cathedral glorifying the Lord of Lords. I had bought Elo who carries her mantle, a pendant of the Maid of Orleans she wore round her neck.
We are reeling from the encounter.
I rang up a beloved sister Liz who was one who could relate and sobbed over the phone to the voice mail as I recounted the event.

Jean reminded us later that the communion held the same importance and power in our lives as it did in hers. Wow
Boomed out.


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