The Completed Work: Some of Jesus’ last words on the Cross

It is finished
The Lord asked us about John 3:16 and what the numbers added up to
3+1+6= 10
10 is the number of completion and perfection. God’s divine order
I learned today there are only 10 Passovers in the Bible and the tenth is the one where Yeshua is crucified
‘It is finished’ He said or it has been made perfect.

Finished. G5055   (Strong)




From G5056; to end, that is, completeexecuteconcludedischarge (a debt): – accomplish, make an end, expire, fill up, finish, go over, pay, perform.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
Yeshua is the completion
He is the beginning and end
The Alef or alpha and tau or omega
It is interesting that the binary system has 1 and 0 only  in it
He is the only one who is both God and Man two parts yet being one
We watched the film Lucy last night and it is so prophetic. Pretty scary at times too.
We operate with about 10 percent of our brain.
Adam and Eve would have had 100 percent cerebral access.
As Lucy’s brain expands in the film  to 100 percent she is everywhere like God but she becomes invisible. Her knowledge is perfect.
Jesus is the fulfilment of everything
He even said He came to fulfil the law. The Ten Commandments. Jesus abided by the Law. The Mosaic law demanded perfect obedience. Once we are perfectly obedient to Him, we don’t need to be under the Law. That is why He fulfilled and did not abolish it.
Those under  Babylonian captivity are forced to live under the Law. The Ten Commandments. If lives in a completed finished work way like Christ we will be lawful
He is the Law now. Made perfect and completed.

One thought on “The Completed Work: Some of Jesus’ last words on the Cross

  1. Andrew this is so true. The Word concurs the fact that Jesus fulfilled the Law in Gal 5:14 followed by James 2:8. What better portrayal of love was there not? Jesus and our Father love the world so much that they as one offered themselves in an act of true love in order to nullify every accusation that the enemy might have against us! Let’s live this true act of love and be guided by James 2:12. Let us speak and act as those who will be judged by a law that gives freedom!

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