You better shape up

You better shape up (wake up) . You haven’t seen anything yet.

 Meditate in His direction

I was reading my friend David Powell’s book ‘As in the days of Noah’ written with another friend and great Apostle  Paul Keith Davis.
Scarily prophetic as one can see the parallels immediately with the pre flood world.
As PKD writes, in the last days we are going to need being strengthened in the Lord.
If we think the enemy is going to take the end just lying down, we better wake up.
Rick Joyner’s prophetic announcement this week speaks directly of the degeneration and decadence in our world. The abominations happening and being endorsed.
On both sides of the Atlantic, one sees the Law being challenged to allow partnerships now of three or four, marriage to animals.
The Coalition for Marriage speaks of some weird lobbying going on in the UK.
The Church is not speaking out or against all the abominations happening.
This morning strangely I started humming the Grease tune ‘you’re the One that I want’ having no idea why with ‘you better shape up!’
Here are some of the lyrics;
If you’re filled with affection
You’re too shy to convey
Meditate in My direction
Feel your way ( that’s true)
I got chills they’re multiplying
And I’m losing control
Cause the power You’re supplying
It’s Electrifying!
I better shape up, cause you need a man (I need a man)
Who can keep me satisfied
I better shape up, if I’m gonna prove (you better prove)
That my faith is justified
Are you sure? Yes I’m sure down deep inside
We are the one that He wants!
You are the One that I want
My beloved has just rolled off the sofa in resonance.
So stand your ground and what is biblical you are required to stand by it.
Here’s a list of abominations in the Bible listed in Rick’s Elijah List post. Most of us have committed one of these. Just repent and move on avoiding the next occasion.


• spreading strife

• using unjust weights

• devising evil plans

• worshipping idols

• a proud heart

• the way of the wicked

• the devious

• acting unjustly

• those who scoff (ridicule)

• shedding innocent blood

• wearing clothing of the opposite sex

• those who justify the wicked while condemning the righteous

• sacrifices made to God by those living in wickedness

• those who choose (vote for?) those who are of “no account”

• those who oppress the poor and needy, rob, or fail to keep their word

* Homosexuality

You can add Galatians 5 19:21 too for good measure.

Rick’s comment next is so right

‘We must decide now that we are going to obey God and that we will refuse to obey any mandate from any power that is in conflict with God’s Word. We must be prepared to pay the price for obeying God, which is likely to be significant and can affect the rest of our lives.’ 

Boom boom
Thanks to Elijah list publications and Morningstar

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