Come and See

Inner sight what the heart sees. That is faith.
The first words Jesus spoke to two of John the Baptist’s disciples were;
John 1:39
He said to them, “Come and see.” They came and saw where He was staying, and remained with Him that day (now it was about the tenth hour).
The word ‘see’ translates.




A primary verb; used only in certain past tenses, the others being borrowed from the equivalent, G3700 and G3708; properly to see(literally or figuratively); by implication (in the perfect only) to know: – be aware, behold, X can (+ not tell), consider, (have) known (-ledge), look (on), perceive, see, be sure, tell, understand, wist, wot. Compare G3700.

Jesus was not going to show them birds and flora. He was inviting them to know Him.

Tasting and seeing.

The Lord told us a short time back that when we smell or taste His Fragrance, it contains His love.

I have smelt the fragrance of the Lord three times. No words can describe the subtlety beauty and overpowering Presence one feels. You essentially see and feel Him by knowing Him.

Of course when  you ponder on this, it is not surprising. He is Love

His wish for us is to absorb and know His love through all our senses, including the sixth one, the spiritual supernatural sense. For most people this remains the most underdeveloped one.

When people hear of miracles and healings  and extraordinary testimonies, defying natural explanation, they often ‘wow’ for a bit or just dismiss it as impossible or subterfuge or delusion.

Yet we have proof of colours existing outside our spectrum. Cats see in the darkness. Energy and resonance flows off us yet can only be seen through special instruments. Rays of light exist and are deadly yet cannot be seen. Our brains perform at ten percent of their capability.

I met a pastor in Johannesburg recently who was Hindu before and could levitate every time he meditated.

The moment he gave his life to Christ, all his powers were taken away.

The Lord gives and He takes away.

My beloved before she came to the Lord,  often unawares, performed telekinesis. Her family vouch for that. Her father’s car rose three inches off the ground once. She has had this power take away at present! We press forward to seeing more of His power through us in faith and obedience.

Definition of telekinesis in English:



The supposed ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other non-physical means:she possesses the power of telekinesis
I love the doubt in the Oxford Dictionary. A world of unbelievers. 
The ‘other side’ has always used powers they should not be using and seeing what they should not be seeing. Nothing new.The Sons need to rise up! 

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