Prophetic confirmation: God is so Good

Some months back you may recollect a business meeting that I held with some bankers turned into a Heavenly encounter.
They had come to meet me to discuss business. The Lord had impressed on me to tell them about my double life of market place ministry for the Kingdom.
So I did and as usual things kicked off and I prayed over them before they departed especially as I was told by the Lord one of them had a close family member who was not at all well.
In a thank you mail from one of them, she alluded to my words being true but no more than that.
Well yesterday this director spoke to me on the phone and I asked if my words had had an impact. The answer glory be to the Lord was yes. It turned out, they had a brother who had become very debilitated in the last year in his limbs.
I was prompted to ask if a major event had happened just before.
Affirmative. Marriage problems.
The enemy only needs a chink to slide through to torment.
So I asked if we could pray over the phone. She was clearly in her office. She agreed and I declared over the brother’s life that he would walk into everything God had planned for him and be healed through God’s grace and love and forgiveness.

I await the good news.
Booming news.


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