He is a fine Wine!

He is a fine wine

A fine wine when perfectly made matures with age.
One can be tempted to bring out the bottle early to drink and show off. It will still be good but not excellent. However it pays to let it mature gently, at room temperature in the darkness for years and years and not be in a hurry.

When finally withdrawn from the cellar, the full bodied wine is sumptuous releasing its fragrance and secrets to the senses.
Such is the knowledge of God and maturity in the Spirit.
Too quick and one misses vital attributes and experience. Rushed, it can be messy.
But slowly dwelling over the Word and Spirit and releasing the secrets hidden in the darkness produces an amazing taste of revelation. Building on revelation on revelation the succulence of  His beauty love and wisdom is ineffable as it comes forth.
Every sentence in the Bible leads us to Him but in a subtle way. Our unredeemed souls when moving into a redemptive state need to dwell on Him and taste Him in an unhurried way. Like a fine wine even after it has matured and served at the right temperature at the table is not gulped down.
 Psalm 34 v 8
Taste and See that the Lord is Good!
Booming Vine.

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