Breaking news: Warriors of Love Expanded Edition available on Hardback and Kindle

Book Cover (Expanded Edition)

Breaking News! Warriors of Love expanded edition. Available in hard back.
192 pages of action packed revelation.
It includes new end notes tirelessly created by my beloved, updated experiences and the Introduction to the next book Warriors Quiver.
It also includes the beyond the Veil supernatural marriage story we had in May 2013.

The Book is available for sale at £10. $16. Sold through Freedom Publishing on Amazon

The Kindle edition is out at around £5 and $8

We have a facility to print in the USA.
Do private message me through Facebook ( for order quantities if you wish to buy 5+. There will be a distributor discount price naturally and we can ship to you.
Please buy a copy.!
Do recommend others.
These book sales help to fund our goal of global market place ministry. For example we are now part of the CfAN crusade volunteers and also the International Transformation Network of Harvest Evangelism ITN. We are also part of Aactev8 Ministries as ordained ministers. Other ministries also invite us to participate with them.

Click the link below to read the Foreword and Endorsements included in the book:



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