Forewords and Endorsements for Warriors of love: Expanded Edition


Warriors of Love is a cornucopia. Andrew brings forth the heart of the Father and its interweaving with the heart of His children. Andrew and Elo carry the DNA of heaven’s love in a radiant way. In this work, the spring of love comes flowing beautifully. I have watched Andrew direct the gentle arrow of the Lord’s love with such effectiveness. That gift of being an unhindered conduit of divine love comes out very clearly. I recommend this book to any who desire to be a warrior of God’s love
Dr Adonijah O Ogbonnaya


“We are standing at the crossroads of one of the most pivotal times in all of recorded history, where heaven touches earth and extraordinary revelation is released to empower and equip the people of God for greatness.
In this unique Kairos moment, we are hearing a clarion call for the long-awaited army of God to rise up throughout the earth in power. “Warriors of Love” is by far the most compelling book I have ever read when it comes to defining the training process and all that it takes to be qualified and approved to serve in God’s army.

Every army that rises to greatness, first has to train and equip its soldier’s to be highly skilled before they can ever enter the battlefield. In order for soldiers to be the most effective they can be, they undergo intense training at boot-camp, where they learn the “basics”. God’s army is no different.
Everyone who joins, enlists out of passionate love for their King. A true warrior for Christ joins out of great conviction and is willing to endure whatever it takes to make it through the arduous process of refinement to ultimately operate at their fullest potential. Truly this is one of the most comprehensive training guides in our time.

“Warriors of Love” will deeply impact and transform you from beginning to end. Whether you have already been walking at a high level of maturity or having just received Jesus into your heart as a born again believer, you will find a treasure trove of wisdom and understanding gleaned through Andrew Meyrick’s own remarkable journey.

Page by page, you will feel as though you are listening to Andrew himself, sharing deep truths and laying out a blueprint for consistency in Christ, so that you run for the prize in Him and ultimately win it. “Warriors of Love” was birthed out of his own experiential walk with Christ, having been raised as an orphan and enduring many seasons of brokenness that ultimately turned into victories. I have had the joy of knowing Andrew for years and I can attest to the great measure of the character and spiritual fruit I see that manifests daily in the lives he touches around the world.

Andrew is a walking celebration of Christ and the victory Jesus attained for us on the Cross. He revels in the truth “he is passionate for the deep things of God and he fosters an environment of sound character with an unwavering moral compass. Andrew has a shepherd’s heart and he models what strong and wise leadership should look like. There is a deep river of wisdom that flows through his life and wherever it touches, lives are transformed.

“Warriors of Love” is a practical survival guide to help you understand how to maneuver on the battlefield with courage, skill and honor. Our greatest call is walking in our true Kingdom character which mandates a consistency in every aspect of our lives. Our gaze is always fixed on the King and magnifying His name in all we do, so that others can clearly see Him.

This book is absolutely refreshing beyond every expectation and I believe it will go down as one of the classics in modern literature. There are times you will find yourself lingering in passages as the Holy Spirit is expanding His presence within you. If you long in any way for the true depths and riches in Christ, you will consume this treasure and refer to it often throughout your walk. “Warriors of Love” has the power to dramatically change countless lives and I believe it is one that you’ll highly recommend to others and also give out as a cherished gift many times over.
Gary Beaton
Transformation Glory Ministries, USA


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