Dealing with delays

DelaysMost of us get frustrated by delays because we are time bound and the plans we set take time into account. 

God does not work in Time. 

His plans may have delays built in for His glory not ours. 
Job must have wondered at God’s weird timetable in resolving his problems. 
Martha felt offended by Jesus being delayed in his arrival . However The Father’s plan to bring about an unequivocal resurrection testimony of Lazarus rather than a healing were concealed to all but His Son. It was the impact as usual from God’s perspective that mattered. 

The disciples must have wondered why Yeshua took so long to wake up in the boat to resolve their danger. 

Abraham must have wondered why God could not have given him an indication a change of mind a bit earlier while he went in stacking up the fire to sacrifice his son on 

When we get delays we need to remember this. 

We are made for His good pleasure. 
When He is happy, we will bask in His happiness. 

Everything in our lives is supposed to declare the glory of God. There is a delay for a reason. 

The mystery will unfold and all will be well for us and God. 

It’s all about believing and trusting in Him


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