The Landlord and the inheritance for His sons. 

The Land Lord

 Who owns the cosmos?

God does? 

Who are His inheritors?

 We are.

What is the requirement? 


What is required of Sonship? 
Much has been written about the word ‘meek’. It continues to be misunderstood as no one bothers to research it properly.
Matthew 5:5 says the meek will inherit the earth. 

Strong does not help here much on the word but in Matthew 11:29 Jesus describes Himself as meek as well. Moses is described as meek in Numbers 12:3. Humble, lowly 

Now neither of these men were feeble, weak or wimps. 
 I was brought up to say night time prayers by my parents and I remember this prayer verbatim
Gentle Jesus meek and mild 

Look at me a little child

Make me humble as thou art

With thy love inflame my heart

The Lord asked me to dwell on this prayer yesterday. 
Yeshua refers through His life to children not adults for a specific reason.

We are supposed to be childlike in our approach to parents and the world. 
Obedient,loving, learning, attentive, guileless, almost naive, awed by events, positive, expectant. Submitted to authority. 
In this prayer Jesus is called meek and mild and humble. 
Jesus was totally submitted to His Father. He watched what His father said and did and then responded. 
For the sons to inherit the earth, (land -Greek work for earth here) they must like Jesus be submitted to the Father, totally obedient loving and keeping low. 

Jesus walked in power and authority as did Moses. However it was restrained power. When they reacted, it was explosive and decisive. Things happened. 

We need to be tamed by God. Just as a wild horse is brought to the bridle so are we put under a little yoke that reminds us where our freedom comes from. 

One rarely sees a Karatedo expert launch into their art unless precipitated by some very key moment. 

They look like everyone else as they go about their life. 

Yet they carry death and life in their hands and feet. 

In the dojo when I studied Shotokan and Aikido, all our moves started with a defensive move never an offensive one. We were always commanded to walk away first and not be goaded by people in public. Did it matter people felt we were scared or fearful or wimps ? No 

So in our walk as a follower of Yeshua, we must turn the other cheek first. 

We unleash the power when it is permitted and in the meantime try hard not to show off. This power and authority comes from the Land Lord originally. 
Our task of inheritance is to return the land stolen from Him, to Him as and when permitted with the right measure of restrained power and authority; With Meekness 


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