His Grace is enough – ‘seek my Face and not my hand’

His grace is enough, more than I need. 
The Lord spoke to us on Sunday morning 
‘Seek my face and not my hand ‘
Sometimes we are so bound up in our own circumstances we miss what God is trying to use us to do.

If we just concentrate on Him, what we are searching for ourselves will come from Him.

We don’t need to grab His hand for help.
I released this word yesterday at church as well as the word


it was covering success in every quarter of people’s lives. 
It brought a lady to the microphone who started to prophesy along the same lines although she was being ministered to at the same time.Much wailing and roaring. 

I had put on spikenard in the morning as He requested. 

This amazing cologne Nard which means ‘light’ in Hebrew that Yeshua was covered in before His death was prophesying the Light of the World.in Greek the root word is faith, and trustworthy. 

This morning the aroma turned up in the Living room and my beloved checked me over to see if it was coming from me. It was not. 

He visited us in person
Romans 8:28

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.
Paul and Silas in Acts when in prison were happy to stay there as by listening and looking at Yeshua they knew their assignment there was not over. Despite their pain suffering they finished it by converting the jailer. 

You see when we are focussed on Him, we can do all things despite our own earthly drawbacks.

Just as a soupçon of His love for me, I got a call today for a totally unexpected tax rebate of material proportions. 
Isn’t He so good. He is indeed worthy of our faith and trust. 

Tearing up. Booming light.


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