Feeling and knowing and the latent power of the soul. 

Feeling and knowing/believing and the power of the soul. 
‘If I could feel it, I would know/believe it was there’

If I could feel the cut has gone I would know it has gone. Presence and absence works both ways.

Miracles show many times apparent presence physically but total absence in reality.

If we know we are unattackable, even when apparently under attack, it will not take us into a feeling of fear. 

Many people have learned that pain can be controlled by dulling the receptors in the body and speaking with confidence to that part of the body saying pain go or there is no pain.

If you wait in expectation of feeling cold, you will be cold. But if you will yourself to be warm and remain warn, when the cold arrives it is massively lessened. We are in effect speaking to our DNA ahead of time. 

We don’t need to feel before we know for sure.

Every day God made us in a way to totally know that when we inhale, we feel air coming in and out of our body and we remain alive. 
If you try and concentrate on the feel of your breathing then realising and knowing that it gives life, it could set you into a panic. Your mind does not want to trifle with the thought of this mechanism stopping. 
The air we breathe is a ‘sine qua non;’ it goes with out saying. 

Because we know the air is there though we can’t touch it, we believe it.
  God requires us to be this way in everything. Know,believe and then you will feel. This ‘feel’ will bring revelation. 

Thomas wanted to feel the wounds and see them before believing His Master had returned from the dead. He did not believe his colleagues. 
He was pulled up by the Lord rapidly when the Lord blessed all those who believe in Him in the future, and knew without feeling or experiencing Him on earth whom He was. 
Shamans, satanic seers, witch doctors, spiritualists regularly perform supernatural activities and clairvoyance because they know the latent power of their soul. 

Little do they know it is an unredeemed soul. 

The soul (mind and the heart) working without knowing God and being led by God, is a dangerous vessel. 

Our souls are very powerful, whether redeemed or unredeemed. Either it is controlled by a demonic spirit or the Holy Spirit. 

In all cases it knows what it is doing and does not have to feel first. 

This is why the Holy Spirit must guide and lead the soul rather than the other way round. Heaven to earth, not earth cursed controlled soul to Heaven or astral plains . It doesn’t work. 

Even a redeemed soul must bow to the authority from which came all its power or it risks erring again. 


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