Personal Faith Experience – the need for one 

Personal faith experience  I love this phrase coined by Os Hillman 


I believe Os is right in that we all need to have a personal faith experience of the existence of God. Nothing can replace it. No amount of testimonies of others will satisfy our need to be personally connected to the Godhead that created us. 

Every child yearns to know their father. I was adopted and I am still trying to track down my birth father. Perhaps this is why My Heavenly Father has spoiled me.
Access to Both sides of the veil.

 Jesus on His death and before His resurrection where He went  alive into Heaven, broke the veil of the temple to the Holy of Holies. 

That is why the hymen of the woman is so sacred. It protects the woman until her husband enters the Holy of Holies. It is not supposed to be defiled before.
That is why the Lord said to me one day:

‘I am the Matrix, the womb.’
As the veil is broken now it is far easier to have experiences on either side.
This side of the veil.
Children and adults have had and continue to experience visitations of Jesus and the angelic as well as members of the cloud of witnesses. Quite often it is at church gatherings. This is where Heaven comes to earth. There are so many testimonies that relate to this around the world.
Through the Veil into the different heavens.
The bible is very clear that there is not just one heaven. The word  Hashamayim in Hebrew used in Genesis is in the plural. These heavens are dimensionally different creating greater and greater insight into God. Paul talks of the third Heaven. The revelations that John was given show he was taken to some of the highest dimensions. 
God the Father is outside Heaven or above the heavens. 
The bible is clear there is a Kingdom of God and a Kingdom of Heaven.

In Matthew 28:18 Jesus has been given all authority over the Heavens and the earth.The cosmos or universe which includes earth is part of the dimensions of the heavens. 

His Father sits outside all this above. The Kingdom of God is Heaven as well. 

All other side of the veil experience is spiritual. 
If one is travelling without the Holy Spirit, the experience is an astral new age one from using the latent power of the soul. This method is dangerous as one is exposed and vulnerable to many things that can happen. It does not have God’s permission. 

When we talk about a fallen world where the enemy has claimed power over the soul, we are talking not just about earth but the cosmos or the universe. There are things out there. 

The silver chord that new age and satanists and witches refer to that hold on to them while they are out there travelling can be cut or broken. Death is instantaneous. Why? Because their travel is from Earth to heaven. 
With the Holy Spirit, covered by the Blood of Yeshua, believers travel with safety and protection. The travel is spirit to spirit travel and visitation. Jesus and His Father call us to ‘come up here’ but it must be with permission.

Just as Philip travelled through the cosmos taken by the Lord at high speed from one location to another so John was lifted up and shown things.
When Elo and I were ‘lifted up’, one moment we were in our respective countries and the next moment we were in Yeshua’s presence in what seemed like His study or Holy of Holies. There was no travel time.

However when He took us onwards to show us what turned out the be the New Jerusalem we travelled through galaxies on and on. The location seemed completely outside the universe. I believe we were in the Kingdom of God.  Just before that, He had us fly over the earth to specific locations. So our spiritual travel was in many dimensions. 
When I was one day transported bodily to a beautiful walled garden, it was instantaneous. It felt heavenly. I felt I was in God’s Kingdom. 

I found myself dead heading rose buds with clippers. The bushes were amazing colours and there was a high wall behind that the bushes were attached to. I felt there was someone to my right who was large and tall doing the same thing. Nipping off the dead buds. I knew it was my Heavenly Father. I saw a main of white hair but no face fortunately. 

Then He spoke to me greeting me. I felt so much love. 
‘It is so nice to have you here. I do get lonely as so few people visit me since the time of Enoch’. 

I felt so honoured and humbled. I had no idea why I was there. He did not explain. I wait for more revelation and recollection of what He told me. 
Now at this point I knew only of Enoch’s name so it did not register much as a comment. 

Since then I have read the book ascribed to Enoch though probably written by four writers. Enoch never died in the way we will physically. He is as much alive today as he was then. 
So the Father was I believe referring to the early time of Enoch who was taken to paradise to see Him. 

Genesis 5:24

And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.
Hebrews 11:5
By faith Enoch was taken away so that he did not see death, “and was not found, because God had taken him”; for before he was taken he had this testimony, that he pleased God.
It is interesting that the word paradise in the book of sirach or Ecclesiasticus speaking of Enoch is from the Persian meaning ‘enclosed garden! ‘ 

I think the garden was part of the garden of Eden. 

So I bless all those who read and believe this that they might receive a personal faith experience like we have.

There is no going back afterwards. The path after is narrow and steep but despite all that may befall you on earth, so wonderful. 

Booming Paradise 


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