Stewardship of Love 

When we want something of God, we cannot cherry pick.

God is Love. He is our sole provider. 

One revelation He gave me a long while back was that I was a steward. Everything belongs to Him. 
Psalms 24 verse 1

The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness,

The world and those who dwell therein.
I steward my daughters. I do not possess or own them. 

I should be stewarding and protecting their hearts too.

I steward my beloved’s heart. I do not own it. 

I steward my brothers and sisters hearts in Christ

We need to remember the ‘In Christ’ bit 

When we ask for power authority wisdom from God to steward and use we often forget the key substance that He is; Love 

We need to steward His love, His heart and with His heart. When we do that, we will by nature do it with everyone else around.

This is the revelation Paul Keith Davies received from the Lord when He was undergoing a brutal operation. 
The stewards in the parable of the Minas succeeded and failed on two counts. The victors were faithful and obedient and trusting. They bore fruit. The third steward when stewarding what he was given did it with distrust and ended up with nothing. Luke 19 11-27

When we glibly ask for the character, authority and power of the Lord to administer we must do it all with His love and His heart or it is worthless. 
As humble stewards, the privilege of stewarding His Heart in us is the pinnacle we can achieve on earth. 


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