A supernatural weekend all about our Identity in Him.
Here is one definition. 

‘The condition of being oneself or itself, and not another: example: He began to doubt his own identity.’
It all started on Friday when I was called to pray with someone who was struggling with low self-worth and shame. 
So many lies had been accepted into their DNA that their true identity was masked. One remains in a captive state until one renounces these lies and illusions. 

As to identity in Christ, we learn that this is only possible when we surrender our lives and identities to Him. A faith act that gives us a new redeemed soul, kills the old soul and sets us on the path that will reveal our purpose here on earth. 

The body will continue to fight with fleshy thoughts and concerns but our spirit now properly connected to the Holy Spirit will guide our soul to maturity. The Holy Spirit will only enter in you when you surrender to Christ. 

He just told us :-

‘Your identity Is only found in being with Me.’

This person on Friday left with hope, excitement and a realisation of their worth by the King of Kings. Love surrounded them and their face was lightened and joyous. 

He said to me today:-

‘You don’t look to my Father on how to be a son of the Father. You look to Me .

You look to My Father on how to be a father. 

That’s why you must only come to my Father through Me.’
Our identity of sonship has to be learnt first. 

As a true son, the father figure is revealed. 

Insecurity, need to be loved, need to compete and be recognised shows an immaturity in the son or daughter. 
Jesus is unconditional in His love transmitted through the Holy Spirit. We are called as sons to reveal all His features and identity, not just bits we like and can cope with. 

To reveal Him to others, we need to die to self and take on His armour power and character. 
Jesus as He quotes in John 5:41 did not need praise recognition, or approval. He did not need to compete. The demons knew who He was. Even today Jesus alive, does not need to be loved or followed. 

He however loves it when we do love Him and follow Him. The invitation and choice is ours. 

Sunday came and two more events of identity occurred. The Lord was clearly trying to demonstrate something key.
Out of the blue in the morning, a celebrity friend rang me almost unable to contain himself at the end of the line.

‘Andrew you cannot imagine the impact your book has had on me ‘ they said 

‘I am beginning to understand where I am and my identity. So many experiences I have not been able to talk to people about, I have found in your book, that you have witnessed.’ The friend continued to effuse for minutes and at the end I had only one request. Tell others to read the book! Yes!  

So amazing to see someone being called into their true purpose and identity. 
The friend was given Proverbs 25:2, very suitable for an aspiring King in the Kingdom of the King of Kings.

I was delighted since ‘Warriors of Love’ was written by the Holy Spirit. I just held His pen. All glory and praise to Him. 

Sunday evening came and another friend arrived after a long journey. We fed him Spaghetti Bolognese and settled down to enjoy the Presence of the Lord.
The Lord asked me to anoint his palms with oil just as I had done with someone a week ago. That friend had been shown the wounds in the palm of Yeshua when I pressed into the flesh of his palms. 

Now this friend experienced something totally mind boggling. 
He had been talking about his search for his identity and that of being a man. 
Again the Lord asked me to anoint his palms and then press my thumbs into the centre. Our friend immediately lay back in the sofa closed his eyes and to all intents and purposes ‘disappeared ‘ from the room. 

We left him gently communing with the Lord.

When he returned we heard the story. He had been taken to Jerusalem to the Temple Mount, back in time. He stood in the outer court feeling that he was not allowed to go in. 

We asked the Lord to explain to him why he was taken there. He had never physically visited Israel. 

The Lord told him that this place was his spiritual home!

More was explained to him not for public consumption, suffice it to say he was revealed his identity in Yeshua. We believe he is an intercessor for Israel. 

Then the crowning glory.

While our friend was lying ‘slain in the spirit’ I looked at the back wall and there all along the wall where drippings of liquid that was golden yellow. Yes, oil with a fragrance of frankincense and myrrh. Wow. Just a sign and wonder of His Presence. But what followed was the verses we were given.


Blessed Unity of the People of God

A Song of Ascents. Of David.

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is

For brethren to dwell together in unity!

It is like the precious oil upon the head,

Running down on the beard,

The beard of Aaron,

Running down on the edge of his garments.

It is like the dew of Hermon,

Descending upon the mountains of Zion;

For there the Lord commanded the blessing—

Life forevermore.
No surprise that the upper eastern hill the first Temple Mount was named Mount Zion. The ancient Jebusite city. 
The oils remain still today and are still not dry. 

This afternoon as I was writing this my beloved was calling me into the kitchen. The air was thick with Presence. I felt Him near..

I took her palms and pressed my thumbs in gently. She jerked backwards and said ‘wow ‘

This time He took her to Golgotha and she saw herself hanging on the cross for an instance of anguish. She was in Yeshua at that moment. A holy and awesome fear she finds hard to describe. 

Our identity includes sometimes experiencing what He went through. 



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