When the Lord says Now He means now. We were praying in our quiet time this morning when we were prompted to go across the road to give some words of knowledge to the local butcher 


The great thing about words from the Lord is that it is not us. If we have misheard that’s His problem for not being clear or my glue ears. . If it’s right all glory goes to Him because we knew nothing anyway. Of course every time I do it I am nervous and wondering did I hear right. 

 I just tell the person, if it doesn’t click, throw it out.

Well no surprise He turned out to be a believer and all Yeshua’s words were spot on. He just wanted to encourage this humble soul he was loved honoured and known personally. Tears were welling up In his eyes. Fortunately God’s timing is perfect and there were no other customers around 

He had been through a harrowing three or four months we knew nothing about but the Lord did. He had felt the Lord’s hand carrying him through. 

He was told he was a very good father. We had no idea if he had children. No surprise he felt he wasn’t and hadn’t spent enough time with them. 

Such an honour to be the bearer of tidings. 

We left him with a copy of my book and the Priestly blessing 

Boomed out with His love


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