Bringing Heaven to Earth. Earth to Heaven does not work. 

Bringing Heaven to Earth requires faith.Doubt lives on earth.
When we pray minister or operate we must see from Heaven’s perception and view from Heavens eyes. 

Yeshua’s eyes have fire coming from them. His words have a sword coming out. We must look with Heavenly spirit eyes not the natural. 

We see from the natural then convert it into supernatural 

If I see someone bleeding the natural suggests a plaster. I look in the supernatural and the Lord tells me to blow on the wound, 

Healing and restoration will always work when we see with Yeshua’ s Holy Spirits eyes.
Old wine stays in old wine skin. This is earth earth vessel.
New wine is heavenly and can only go in a new wine skin.
If you take old wine earthly and take it to Heaven to put in the new wine skin it does not work.

Heaven rejects anything that does not come from itself in the first place. 
If we brood over things and remain on earth we will produce an earthly egg.

If we brood from Heaven it comes to earth as a supernatural egg. 

The other day a beloved brother had kidney challenges and pain in his back. He was not with me and did not need to be with me.

 I went up in the spirit and asked Holy Spirit to give me eyes to see and action.

My instructions were to take up the posture of a tug of war and start pulling whatever it was out of his back. 

I could see the rope pulling something out and with three pulls it was out.

He had immediate release. All pain gone. 

I told him what I was being instructed to do.

 I don’t question or enquire further than I need 

Holy Spirit knew what needed to be done. I was catching the Lightning.

Inspired to post . Doctor O and his teachings with Ian Johnson last weekend confirmed what I was doing was correct Heavenly technique and technology. 


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