The case of the miracle mattress 

Miracle Mattress
Here is a testimony of the Lord’s goodness but also His all knowingness. It is a story about obedience and intimacy
We were texted by someone a few days ago with a question 

Are we in need of a new mattress?
At first glance we were wondering if this was a misguided message. 
Then I thought, well we had recently bought a new mattress when we arrived at our first flat. We had no bed either. The bed was acquired at a very cheap price but the mattress dug into our small budget.. It was a ‘silent night’ and has proved to be so comfortable. 
We answered on the text that we had bought a new mattress so did not need a new one. Thank you. 

The answer can back fast;

The Lord has asked this person to ask us. 

If our answer was yes they were to buy a new one 

If we had already bought one they were asked to pay for it. 

We were amazed by this gesture of obedience. 

How much had it cost.? I could not remember but would check. 

The Lord had told them it was about £230. 

We checked our invoice from Amazon. The total was £229!!!

Why wouldn’t the Creator of the Universe not know what we needed?
But the obedience and ear of this person is a testimony in itself. 

Thank you Lord and thank you kind loving obedient messenger. 

A true and faithful Father 

Matthew 10:30-31

But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Fear not, then; you are of more value than many sparrows.
We have an average of 25000 hairs on our head. !!! 
Booming mattresses. 


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