Renewing the Mind

Renewing the mindInto what? A freed one. 

The mind of Christ

Who the Son sets free is free indeed.

If you are harnessed, held back or impeded in your idea of ‘church’ ‘Ecclesia’ and what renewal is or what is revival, 

you are not set free by Him yet and you certainly are not carrying the mind of Christ.

How can you have a renewed mind and soul of which the mind is part, without having a full on personal relationship with the Triune Godhead?. Starting with the Holy Spirit who was delegated the task on Earth through to a close intimacy with the Son who in turn leads you to the Father 

This intimacy is not an intellectual intimacy. The Holy Spirit blows like a wind, without predictability. Each relationship is an intense one which requires submission, obedience, the ability to hear and act. 

Wherever renewal and revival has occurred over the age since Yeshua was resurrected, it has been because of intense activity and obedience to the Spirit of Holiness and the revelations the Spirit was giving.
The Indonesian revival in the 1960’s took off on one night without warning and without preparation. The men and women chosen were even less experienced that the disciples after the upper room glory invasion. 

In both cases the people were free and doing as bid by the Spirit. 

It worked. God got done what He wanted done. Despite the church doing everything in its power to slow it down.

When Mel Tari reached the American shores as a seasoned veteran revivalist, he was dismayed what he found.

Fractured church and people. 

Nothing much has changed since then.

The Lords return will not be until 

Jerusalem and the Ecclesia cries out 

‘Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord’


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