Unpredictable God

As the Summer weather arrives in the shape it chooses, I follow sites that give me meteorological prognostications and tidal and wave heights. Expectant of good winds and waves for surfing, wind surfing and kite surfing.
No amount of local knowledge or gut feel and years of sailing and being at sea gives me the confidence to know when I should be rushing to the beach. 

Just as God confounds the wise in all we do so,He does this in our leisure time too. 

The Holy Spirit blows in whatever direction it wishes whenever. 

There is no point in being agitated or overly excited. One learns to go with the flow. 

My beloved watches me as my mood changes to expectancy when signs indicate the heralding of a good surf height or wind level. She generously allows me a break away for an hour to go with the wind and water flow. 
Sometimes a window opens and one misses it because the lack of announcement or other focuses made it impossible for one to be there. 

Life in the Spirit is the same. One needs to be in shalom, looking out for the small cloud like Elisha, gazing into the distance. Being, not doing.
When one is doing from a ‘Be’ state, it is quite different from doing from a ‘do’ state The task is easier and more relaxed and joyful. Doing stuff from a driven agitated state uses more energy and strength.

The unpredictability of the Holy Spirit requires us to be very flexible not fettered by the Ox goads or pressures of what we think we should be doing. 
When the time comes it is the right time. 


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