Perception and Reality 

Perception and reality 
Our perceptions are always coloured by our thoughts and emotions at a moment in time. 

They do not always relate to the reality of matters. 
Gideon’s perception of himself was diametrically opposed to God’s perception of him. This reality was him rather than being a nobody he was seen as a big somebody. 
Sometimes our actions as a result of our perceptions can be quite embarrassing as we launch ourselves down a wrong road. 
Some years back in London I walked up in my smart suit to two hoodies with matted hair feeling that they looked undernourished and hungry. I offered to go and get them some food and drink. 

They looked at me with open eyes and told me to turn round and look across the road. I turned and one of them said:
‘Do you see those ropes hanging down the building’
‘Yes ‘ I said 

‘Well we are specialist roof abseilers cleaning the building having a break for lunch! thanks anyway ‘


So before you launch and come up to a conclusion pause and self assess. 

Your perceptions will certainly not be how the Lord sees them. Take Heart, His plans are always better than yours 


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