Raven mad 

Was I going Raven mad? 
1 Kings 17:4

And it will be that you shall drink from the brook, and I have commanded the ravens to feed you there.”
This last year has been nothing but supernatural. Miracle provision one after another. 

For years and years I have been able to provide for myself. My company has had excellent revenue allowing me to live through salary and dividends. 

What I had not realised was that the Lord all this time was indirectly providing for me. 

This year He wanted to show me how He could provide directly. 

Quite different scenario. 
A drought in business revenues occured. Try as I might what ever I did it made no difference. 

Scary? Yes

Need to trust? Yes 

Learning real frugality and dispensing with superfluous needs? Yes 

Showing gratitude and glorifying Him every day? Yes

Never knowing where funds were going to come from? Yes

Feeling like Elijah who pronounced the sin of Ahab and the country and then having to live there? Yes 
But the Lord provided for Elijah using Ravens. He had nothing no assets and he just stayed by the brook. Dawn and dusk he was fed by these birds with bread and meat. 
It has just dawned on me this morning as I look out over the park beside us. We are surrounded by ravens even teaching their young to fly on our roof. 
He is a wondrous God. 

I thank all those ‘Ravens’ He has sent us to feed us and victual us providing miraculous accommodation. We bless you and love you. You were always prompted by the Holy Spirit and we never needed to fear. 
This year has taught us to be even more obedient and trusting in Him than ever before. 

All benefits come from Him and we must never forget that. 
So to all our friends when you enter a drought lift up your hands and praise and thank Him. The rewards are staggering. 

Booming Ravens. 


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