Maturity of the soul

MaturityFocus on remaining a beginner. 
Immaturity on earth not sorted will bring immaturity in the spirit and supernatural. 

Dreamer and self delusion on earth will be the same in the spirit. 

If we are a disciplined pupil to earthly teachers we will guarantee to learn well from the Holy Spirit. 
Lack of discipline or obedience to authority on earth will be mimicked to fulfilling the will of God in the spirit.
It must be on earth as it is in heaven. 

  When we take unresolved issues on earth into the spirit there may be trouble. 
We are trained by the Holy Spirit and wisdom.  

Following a trainer on earth without checking with the Holy Spirit is inviting disaster 

Our model is Christ not some iconic pastor mystic or evangelist. 
 If we don’t study or read enough don’t expect to unpack the bible code. 
Learning to be a pilot requires long hours of study and memorising data. 

Why should it be any different in the spirit? 

Accepting that at all levels on earth one remains a beginner in whatever hobby or interest one pursues demonstrates wisdom. 
Preparing to kite surf or windsurf in different conditions always requires one to go through the checklist on rig to start with. The need to check clothing and fitness. 

A force 5 with the right kite and sail can ensure a great ride. 

The Kit for a force 8 is not the same. Going out over sailed triples the risks and dangers. 

This is no different in the spirit. 
The enemy will always take you on at the competence you think you are at just as the sea and wind will. They will all be merciless. 

So if you try to purport to be a top class mystic or evangelist and you aren’t prepared, you will be buffeted. 
The Holy Spirit is whom you travel with in the Blood of Christ 

Jesus is the door to the Father. 

You may think you are in Heaven or some right dimension but if your actions are not Christ centred and your actions are not glorifying him you will be held accountable by Him for what you do. You will probably be in the wrong place. 
Your actions are akin to witchcraft. 
Go out in the water outside the green flags and expect to get a rollicking from the life guards. You are on your own. 

Does the Lord prevent one from framing something in the spirit? No

But be very aware of the consequences. 

Your ignorance, pride, bias or assumptions of being right or failure to ask the Lord will have consequences in the Universe as well as on earth. 

Wisdom is learning to use ones choices in the right way. We were given free will for a reason. 

On earth as it is in Heaven. 

Don’t try and take earth to Heaven. Get Heaven’s perspective first and apply it here. 

Then you don’t make mistakes.


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