Get above the chaos

Get above the chaos. 
Stop looking for rebels with or without a cause. 
Most wise people will see that what is happening is chaos is rising everywhere. 

Insurgency against political systems, dictatorships and government. Uprisings against perceived lack of fairness. 
Man is fearful of chaos. They don’t know the power of the Sons. 
The Ecclesia and Man from which one hopes some sons have been birthed, keeps on choosing Barabas types as they did before instead of Christ. 

These people just become part of the chaos already in situ. 
We have chosen earthly rebels to stir up and stop the chaos as we 

perceive it. 
Chaos is allowed by God to prompt and challenge the Sons to rise. 

Will the real sons of God stand up to God like Abraham and Ezekiel did? 

Not much evidence at the moment. 

God was looking for one person to stand up only. Abraham did not push hard enough. 

Genesis 18:26

The Lord said, “If I find fifty righteous people in the city of Sodom, I will spare the whole place for their sake.”
It’s a primeval chaos created by Him. 

Nothing to do with the devil who is answerable to God and us. It is a test of the Sons. 

There is power in the Name of Jesus in us. But we don’t know it. 

We inherit as heirs and sons with Christ. 

Only one person is needed to stand up to intercede and reign down upon the primeval waters. 

However the more sons connected in the spirit will dispel the chaos and bring God’s Kingdom and principles to earth. 
Some of you know we were called to do this the other day. Yes and we were called to repent on behalf of a location. 

This is why we have to be seated in Heavenly places. 

We can do nothing from inside the chaos or on earth. We only exacerbate it. 

If the Spirit of God brooded over the chaotic waters in Genesis to create the earth, we are supposed to do the same thing. 
We manage at times to do it over our own little lives but we were created to do it over the cosmos. 

Read Romans 8 19 onwards. 

Inspired from Dr O’s talk on ‘taming the primeval seas’ on Youtube. Proud to be part of Aactev8 ministries. 


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