Sacred Paradigms 

Sacred Paradigms
Defined as a typical example or pattern of something.

In business and analytics this term is used frequently to box things in to ensure comfortability and conformability with approach.

When there is a departure from what is the norm for boxing in, they use the term ‘paradigm shift’.

Anyone working in the supernatural or spirit knows very well that there are no rules one can apply. 
Using logic, sequential thinking, a Greek method undoubtedly taken from the Egyptians, can lead one in all the wrong directions of conclusion. One has to be a lateral thinker. (Read literature and games by Edward de Bono)

‘Go’ games in Japan between masters can go on for months with no winner. There is never a pattern.

There are many techniques of ‘going through the Veil’

There are multiple dimensions of Heaven not just three

Angels don’t fit into any simple category

Prophecy techniques vary from one person to another. 

Healing methods are never endingly different
I can vouch for the latter. The Lord has shown me so many different ways to do the same thing and they vary from the sublime to the hilarious. 

The beauty of the Bible and especially the actions of Yeshua whilst on earth show a complete lack of pattern almost as if to challenge the ‘status quo’. 
The Pharisees who were rigorously trained were confounded by the miracles performed by Yeshua. There was no comfortable paradigm. Healing was not new to them as Moses had performed miracles but lack of standard method that Yeshua used made them very uneasy. No laying on of hands or group therapy. He also worked on the Sabbath! 
Yeshua was showing them the ‘way’ and ‘method’ mattered far less than the demonstration of ‘power.’ 

A method can be argued endlessly but a result cannot be argued. It becomes fact. 

It did not need to fit into a pattern or comfy paradigm. 

Yeshua didn’t say you shall have the ‘techniques’. He said ‘you shall have power’. 

He healed people of blindness in five different ways. 

The church today is still very pharisaical. No change there.

They often try to usher in the Presence in a formulaic way. Many times it doesn’t work. 
The Holy Spirit is ‘out of the box’ and does not fit any paradigm.
If events don’t fit into their nice cosy paradigm it cannot be Godly.  
I watched a minister some years ago obediently follow instructions from the Lord. 

To an audience of over four thousand he apologised that he would not be speaking but should sit on the edge of the stage and await the arrival of the Presence. 

Ten minutes went by and leaders and audience got agitated. People started manifesting and had to be carried out. He told people to remain calm and wait. 

Shortly after a mighty wind entered the large auditorium and Heaven broke out. My friend Elise beside me was hit in the stomach and doubled up. I had tears pouring freely down my cheeks. After recovering we were led by the Lord to pray and minister to many who had been touched. It was carnage from the best senses. 

There was no paradigm to fit this into except perhaps the Upper Room. 
Romans 12:2

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.
Booming Paradigm shift. 


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