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Having the Messianic Seven Blessings prayed over us
Having the Messianic Seven Blessings prayed over us

About Andrew

Andrew grew up in a Christian household. He was adopted at 3 months old from a Catholic orphanage in Lewisham. His adopted father, a senior naval officer, was a devout Anglican, and his mother a devout Roman Catholic.

He was educated at a Catholic prep school and public school. Andrew loved the liturgy and worship in the Catholic Church.

He’s always been a believer but had not realised until 2004 that he did not have a close, personal relationship with his Maker. In September 2004, at a Hillsong service in London, he found his left hand high in the air responding to an altar call with a gold thread tied around his first and second finger, reaching up into the sky. Perhaps it was like the thread around Jacob and Esau’s fingers. Try as he might he could not pull his arm down, not knowing why it was up there. Jesus had ambushed him. The Heavens opened up, and he felt incredible heat and love pouring all over him. He was given video clip pictures rapidly, one after the other as Jesus reminded him saying, “Do you remember that?”, repeatedly for each scene. These were scenes that one would have chosen to forget, displaying the collapse of his 20-year marriage, lying, deceitfulness, arrogance, lust, and failure. “You’re forgiven. I love you.”, He said. And Andrew saying sorry crumpled into the arms of his friend, Elise, who’d been instructed by the Lord to bring him there. That day was the beginning of a tough boot camp which lasted many years.

Andrew stayed with Hillsong for six years, and immersed himself in all activities, surrounded by loving brothers and sisters who nurtured him. He lead cell groups, and began to realise he loved teaching, mentoring and encouraging.

In 2008, the Lord lead him to Lakeland where he began to experience the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.

Shortly after he was baptised in the Holy Spirit in the UK. Unwittingly he started to walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, unaware of these anointings.

Andrew Meyrick is a qualified chartered accountant and has for the last twenty years worked in global businesses as a troubleshooting CFO or CIO across many sectors. A widely travelled multi-linguist, on his first ministry mission to Kenya in 2011, he received a prophetic declaration to write a book. Warriors of Love is the result.

He met Elo in May 2013 and following the instructions of the Lord, they married on a fishing boat on the Lake of Galilee.

About Elo

Elo Meyrick, was born in South Africa,and brought up in a devout Christian home. She truly decided to give her life to Christ at the age of 18, and get baptised in the Holy Spirit.

A humble ‘mouthpiece’ for the Lord who believes that she owes everything to her ‘Dad’ in Heaven, and that everything she does is 100% God and nothing of herself. “God deserves all the glory in everything that I do” (John 15v1)

Believing that nothing is impossible with her God, she is and continues to be taught by Him, very deep, and profound truths concerning Himself and His Word as the Apostles were.

Andrew and Elo are a very dynamic powerhouse in the Lord.

Having met only this year on May 1st on Facebook, they knew from day 1 that there was an immediate spirit connection between them.
Followed by an encounter with Jesus, which totally blew their socks off, on the seventh day, the Lord Himself proved this partnership to be sovereignly blessed.
An encounter which we never thought of, or experienced the like of on the face of the earth. Elo was receiving an open vision by the Lord while on the phone to Andrew. During this open vision she realised she was being taken up into Heaven. “I’m coming with you”, was Andrew’s reply. Little did they know what awaited them in Heaven.
The Lord of Lords blessed them, crowned them and married them….They were told to celebrate their marriage in Israel on the Lake of Galilee off Capernaum in a Messianic ceremony. This they did on the 16th October 2013.They are based in the UK at present preparing themselves for the next journey with the Lord….

Together they work together with the Lord to bring back the ‘Jewish roots’ into Christianity, and to reunite both Jew and Gentile with Yeshua the Messiah. Both have fond memories of their travels to Israel and are deep lovers of the ancient Hebraic customs…

We were ordained on the 5th of October 2015 in Venice Beach, California by Bishop Adonijah O. Ogbonnaya [otherwise known as ‘Dr. O’, Founder of Aactev8 International] and his wife Pastor Benedicta.



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Dr. O (left), Andrew & Elo, Pastor Benedicta (right)