Dear friends and followers of Yeshua

If you feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to sow into Warriors of Love Ministry, you can do so by clicking on the link below which will re-direct you to our Paypal account. These ‘seeds’ invest into us growing the Kingdom through various means:

  1. Enabling us to go on ministry trips and training (costs in 2015 for ministering in the U.S. came to over $10000.00)
  2. Publishing books and teaching literature
  3. Allowing us time to intercede, pray and minister online to many people without reward
  4. Allowing us to donate and ‘give onwards’ to other ministries and worthy causes as guided by the Holy Spirit


With heartfelt thanks we honour and pour love and blessings over those who have already given of their time, funds and love to help make us into His image.

We are also so grateful to our intercessors. You know who you are and the power and authority you walk in.

Andrew and Elo Meyrick