True Freedom

True Freedom

We love God because He loved us first 

Because we love Him we choose to obey Him

If we were forced to obey Him we would not be free! 
It is in the obeying out of choice that we not only remain free but we receive all the benefits from this. 

Who the Son sets free is free indeed. 
The type of servitude we can choose is that of a freed bond servant. We do it because we love Him and He is family. 
I obeyed my father because He always had my interests at heart and not his. He was gentle but firm. I did what I was told ( most of the time) because I adored him and saw him as a source of wisdom. 
As I matured my father allowed me to do more adventurous and interesting things, because ( most of the time) I demonstrated accountability and responsibility. When I overreached, he stepped in to correct me. 

So it is with our Heavenly Father..


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